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‘Take them out’ – Pharmacist Val Cuffy’s prescription for DLP



Val Cuffy declaring his support for the UWP at St. Joseph

“Take them out” (TTO) – a new dental drug prescribed and dispensed by Pharmacist Val Cuffy for the treatment of what he called “the diseased Labour Party”.

This prescription has taken off like wildfire and the image of the “Take Them Out” medicine box which claims to “remove corrupt government, crooks and criminals” has spread rapidly on social media.

Cuffy made the announcement of the arrival of the new drug on Sunday in St. Joseph where he publicly endorsed Lennox Linton as “the right man to take us to a better place so we can truly begin to see real growth in and for every Dominican”.

“On December 6th, I will vote for Team Dominica, the United Workers Party to implement electoral reform, I will vote for a fixed election date, I will vote for campaign finance laws and I will vote for a review of the CBI program so that the monies will be used for the development of Dominica. I have confidence that Team Dominica, led by Lennox Linton, will use the CBI money to make Dominica’s economy a vibrant one”.

Cuffy went on to say that he looks forward to a “new and real Dominica, a Dominica where “our system works”, a Dominica where people do not live in fear of being victimized, a Dominica where business owners do not fear that their businesses may be boycotted, where there is no fear of oppression or fear of being deprived of food supplies and building material after a disaster like Maria”

The Pharmacist told the UWP supporters that the Government of Team Dominica will need all hands on deck to ensure that all succeed as a nation, for there are many hurdles to cross.

“This Labour Party regime has demoralized the police force, demoralized the nurses, demoralized the doctors, demoralized the teachers and demoralized the office workers and even the cleaners. But I tell you, we must fight for Dominica,” Cuffy urged adding that in order for Dominica to be a leader in the OECS and Caricom once again, “we must fight for and fix Dominica.”

Cuffy said he believes that Dominica is being deprived of meaningful development and progress as a regime of misinformation, lies and spins with no strategic planning to better the lives of all Dominicans.

“The webs of lies has caused Dominica to become a robust breeding ground for corruption. Corrupt practices have caused Dominica to become resilient to truth, honesty and forthrightness,” Cuffy lamented. “I am afraid if we continue with this morally bankrupt regime, the Dominica we love will be a Dominica we do not recognize – we must act with urgency!”.

Declaring his endorsement of Lennox Linton as a leader with character, he described Linton as someone of uncompromising integrity, one who speaks truth to power, one who does not lie or cheat, one who lives for God, family and country.

Cuffy addressed what he referred to as the demonization and persecution of Linton whom he referred to as his friend.

“They have tried to make you believe that he is an angry uneducated man,” Cuffy remarked. “But I know Lennox Linton and I have worked closely with the outgoing PM and I am here to tell you that there is a huge difference between these two men. Lennox has integrity while the other leader struggles to find a moral fiber to hold on to. Lennox is forthright and has fought for a better Dominica by bringing out the truth about the corruption while the outgoing PM has plunged Dominica into economic crisis by diverting state resources for political gain”.

Cuffy firmly believes that Dominica needs change; that the country needs a leader who has integrity, who will be accountable to the people and give good governance to the affairs of the Commonwealth.

“Lennox Linton, I stand with you. Dominica, I stand a rebel against the ills that now plague the governance of our Country. Lennox I say to you – may God bless you, may God uplift the work you are doing and may God give you the grace to guide the governance of Dominica from December 6th 2019 as you take Dominica forward,” Cuffy declared.

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DEAR BELLA: I paid for everything, now can’t get over this girl




Dear Bella



I need your advice on how to get over this girl that I somehow can’t get over even if I know for a fact that she is bad for my health.

We met during a popular annual event last year and we hit it off very well. She introduced me to her mother and she was very nice to me.

I am not really handsome but I figure if I spend heavily on a woman-especially those in Dominica- then you are in for a long time.

Bella I would buy her mother lunch, dinner, take them out and all. And her mother loved that. I bought clothes, shoes, hair and even ham and turkey Christmas gone. Cellphone costing $900 even.

And even if she is just 16, her mother didn’t mind because I was helping them out.

I thought at first her mom would say I was too old because I am 33. But she didn’t mind at all.

But all of a sudden, the relationship got cold. Her mom wouldn’t send her at my house again and even the mother cold with me.

I distanced myself and then last week she told me she wanted to end the relationship.

Next thing I heard she have a new boyfriend and the mother always up and down on his ride.

I guess she didn’t remember when I use to walk all the way Morne Bruce to bring food for her.

I miss her and I know I shouldn’t because I feel that they were using me.

So, I am asking if you could help me get over her. Like not to think of her again or even remember the way she hurt me.




Hello Walker

I don’t know if you expected anything serious to derive from a relationship with a 17-year-old.

And you could be right in your thinking that you were used.

Sometimes things happen to allow us to realize our mistakes and to save us from the catastrophe that we create for ourselves.

Condition your mind and tell yourself the story ended the best way.

Find someone more mature if you really want a serious relationship. You should never try to buy love using material things.

Furthermore, a mother “selling out”, her 16-year-old girl for monetary gains is clearly a red flag. It appears that this is a pattern.

Moving forward learn that money cannot buy you love irrespective of how society may put it.


Have a problem? Write to Dear Bella at All letters are subject to editing and the editor has the right to not publish an article if it does not meet the company’s editorial standards. Also, the advice given is not necessarily expert advice and is basically an opinion, therefore we accept no liability that results from giving any opinion. As such we encourage you to seek the advice of a professional counselor.

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Tsunami Warning put in effect for Jamaica following 7.7 Earthquake




A massive earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 has impacted the waters between Jamaica and Cuba.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the quake, measuring 7.7, occurred around 2:10 p.m. local time at 125km north, northwest of Lucea, Hanover.

The quake was felt in several parishes, including Kingston, St Andrew, St Ann, St Catherine and Manchester.

It was reportedly felt in several other countries, including The Bahamas, Cuba, Cayman Islands, Haiti and Honduras.

According to reports from Jamaica, schools and work places have been evacuated and a tsunami warning was issued.

The earthquake was felt island-wide.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) said on its Twitter page, that tsunami waves reaching 0.3 to one metre or three feet above the tide level were possible for Kingston.

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Queen contestant Savahnn James to push for sustainable living through renewable energy




Carnival Queen contestant Savahnn James of Roseau says she will use her platform “Sustainable Living Through Renewable Energy” to push for Dominica to become self-sufficient where energy is concerned.

James was officially launched over the weekend.

She said she selected her platform because of her passion for taking care of the environment.

“I believe that we are stewards of the Earth and it is our responsibility to preserve it. We see the effects of climate change here in Dominica and we have the resources to combat these changes and safeguard ourselves,” she explained.

James said using renewable energy is one-way Dominica can become self-sufficient and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The beauty queen also intends to further her studies by perusing a degree in Environmental Engineering.

“This isn’t just a platform for me but a lifestyle. I plan to further my studies in environmental engineering and I will continue to push my platform after the show,” she said.

James also hopes to start a conversation on the implementation on renewable energy in Dominica.

Meantime Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South constituency Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite called on businesses to support the Queen show and to provide sponsorship to contestants.

Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite and Savahnn James

Hypolite was filling in for Melissa Poppone Skerrit-the MP for Roseau Central.

“I am asking business places to support the national queen show, there are young ladies who do not have any sponsorship,” she said.

She said carnival is a tourism product and it must be looked at it in a wholistic manner.

“The greatest beneficiaries in my mind is the business community so I am asking on behalf of DDA and DFC if there are any private businesses, there are queen contestants who are looking for support…” she said.

Hypolite further explained that a show of this magnitude needs financial backing and support.

She also called on businesses in the Roseau South constituency to come on board and support the Queen show.

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