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‘Still Waters’ art exhibition opens at Old Mill Cultural Centre – Dominica News Online



Carla Armour

Mixed Media Artist, Carla Armour, opened her exhibition called ‘Still Waters’ at the Old Mill Cultural Centre on Monday, August 26th, 2019.

In an interview with Dominica News Online (DNO), Armour said this exhibition was inspired by Hurricane Maria, Tropical Storm Erika and the environmental crisis which is occurring worldwide.

“My exhibition this week is called ‘Still Waters’ and it is inspired really from Hurricane Maria, Tropical Storm Erika but not only that, from the issues that are happening around the world with our environmental crisis and just looking at ways, every day of your life, how you affect the world around you,” she said.

“The centerpiece has an old fishing boat that was damaged in Hurricane Maria and it is on a canvas that came off my roof. Above it, are floating but hanging out of the water, fish made out of offcuts of wood from rebuilding people’s houses and core boards and these are painted in the flags of Dominica, “Armour revealed.” Another part of that piece is “Throwing Shadows” that was inspired by me painting on my veranda when I had nowhere else to paint and I got shadows being thrown unto my canvas.”

She said this piece has gone out to other shows in the United States.

Armour further stated that the paintings around the centerpiece on the main floor talk about the ancestral chants which are coming from the adinkras symbol and the Kalinago symbols. The paintings upstairs are more processed pieces which she used as a way to put her emotions down unto the surface and used the paint as therapy.

Armour, who is also a well being coach went on to advise Dominicans to make positive changes to the way they live in order to have a greater impact on the lives of people around them and the environment.

“As the saying goes still waters run deep…so take some time to physically benefit our surface and see how we are impacting our environment, take some time to look deeper into the surface of your colleges, your friends, your family because sometimes they are smiling but honestly there may be a lot of issues there. Take some time for yourself as well…sometimes you just need a break too and be able to process things.”

Armour said today, Wednesday, August 26th that people are being invited to share their experiences from the exhibition by writing and drawing and on Friday, August 30th she will be collecting their poems, drawings, and mementos to make a big collection called ‘Collecting Receipts’  which will be added alongside her art.

The exhibition will last until Monday, September 2nd, 2019.

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Boys are special – the message for Boy’s Week at SMP




SMP boys in marching mode

Boys are special; boys are amazing; boys are intelligent; boys are smart, loving and kind.

These are just some of the placards they displayed. It’s their week – Boys Week! They are celebrating and they want the world to know.

St.Mary’s Primary School (SMP) – the only all-boys primary school on the island, celebrated “Boys Week with series of activities throughout the week. Vice Principal of the school, Pascal Matthew, told DNO that they wanted to make this year’s celebration a very special one for their boys.

The theme for this year “Empowering Boys” seeks to give boys the opportunity to aim and reach higher heights.

Matthew said that many times, society pays more attention to girls and not enough for boys. He believes that they both need and should be given equal and more attention.

“What are little girls made of – sugar and spice and everything nice? What are little boys made of – snakes and snails and puppy dog tails?” he asked and pointed out that childhood poems such as these still have an impact on how we see and treat our boys and their effects still linger on.

“Having 400 boys in our presence almost every day, we want to say that boys are more special than that. Boys are leaders; boys are amazing; boys are bright; boys are special”.

The St. Mary’s Primary School is very happy with the involvement of fathers in their boys’ school life.

“We are seeing that! We have a “Father’s Club in our school; we are on a drive to bring fathers into the life of their boys at school,” the SMP Vice Principal explained.

On Wednesday, the school hosted a special day where fathers interacted with boys in the classroom. They read to them; spoke about their occupations and giving them clues and hints on how to develop and grow up to be great men.

Other events which make up the weeks’ activities are:

Monday – Father’s activity where the fathers were given charge of the school assembly.

Tuesday – A sports activity between fathers and boys

Wednesday – Father’s classroom interaction

Thursday – March through the streets of Roseau

As they marched through the streets of Roseau, the SMP boys were very happy and encouraged by the feedback they received.

“Boy’s Week” at the SMP culminates with a grand celebration today where every boy will receive a special treat and awards will be given to those who excelled in different areas.

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Wesley MP condoles with family of drowning victim




Jamal Prevost drowned at WoodfordHill on Thursday. FB photo

Parliamentary Representative of the Wesley constituency Ezekiel Bazil is expressing condolences to the family of Jamal Prevost of Wesley who died as a result of drowning in the sea at Woodford Hill on Thursday.

He was a teacher at the North Eastern Comprehensive School (NECS).

“I want to extend my sympathies from my family and myself and from the rest of the community, to the family of the young Jamal Prevost,” Bazil said during a live interview on Q-95 Radio on Friday.

According to Bazil, Prevost had reportedly gone to take a swim and encountered some difficulty.

“He could not make it back to shore and when he was fished out of the water yesterday afternoon, he [had] perished,” Bazil stated.

He described Prevost as a very promising young man, “very respectful young man…a very kind young man and yesterday, unfortunately, his father, Jeff Prevost and mother Lilia Bazil, my cousin, were faced with the unfortunate news.”

“I was there [on the scene] with his mother and father, and had to witness his lifeless body being fished out of the water,” he lamented. “It was not easy.”

He said the community of Wesley and WoodfordHill are also saddened by the death of Jamal.

Bazil extended his appreciation and thanks to the young men who “braved the waters amidst the circumstances” and decided to keep searching until they located the body.

“It was bravery; it was courageous, and I really want to thank the young men for what they have done,” he said.

Bazil encouraged his constituents and the rest of Dominica to continue to pray for Prevost’s family as they go through this sad time.


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ELECTION: UWP concerned about final voters list; plans public meeting for Monday




The Executive of the United Workers Party (UWP)-TEAM Dominica is seriously concerned that the Final Electors List for the Friday 6th December 2019 general elections has been released without due regard to the numerous claims and objections submitted to the Chief Elections Officer.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Registration of Electors Act and its Regulations, the Executive confirms that many UWP candidates brought in excess of one thousand (1,000) claims and objections to the Chief Elections Officer within the legal deadline of 19th November 2019.

The UWP is of the firm belief that these claims and objections were not fully dealt with prior to the release of the Final Electors List that will be used at the general elections. Candidates have seen names that were objected to still appearing on the Final Electors List, a situation that leaves the Executive to believe that the December polls shall not be free and fair.

By letters dated 20th November 2019, these concerns were brought to the attention of the top officials of the Electoral Commission requesting their action:

  1. An appeal was made to the Chief Elections Officer to address the concerns raised in the many claims and objections submitted by the several UWP Candidates; and
  2. A request was made of the Chairman of the Electoral Commission that he advises His Excellency the President that the Commission was not fully ready to manage the December 6th Poll and that His Excellency should, therefore, invoke the provisions of Section 19 (1) (d) of the House of Assembly Elections Act Chapter 2:01 of the Revised Laws of Dominica that authorizes him to adjourn the December Poll to a future date.

To further inform the public, the UWP will hold a mass public meeting in Lagoon, Independence Street, Roseau on Monday 25th November 2019, from 5:00 p.m., to deal with these and other current issues on the island.

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