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Simulation Nursing Skills Lab presented to Dominica State college – Dominica News Online



One of the mannequins at the DSC Simulation Nursing Skills Lab

A new Simulation Nursing Skills Lab was handed over to the Dominica State College (DCS) Faculty of Health and Science (FHS) on Wednesday.

The donation was presented by the primary donor and representative of the Medical Professionals On Mission (MPOM) S. Scotland, in partnership with the Clinton Foundation and Direct Relief.

Scotland said the new simulation lab is not only for the seasoned nurses and nursing students but will also serve the police force, fire departments and other individuals.

“We realize that in Dominica, primary health plays a key role and when we have disasters, communities are usually cut off and if we have more people who are trained in CPR and advanced life support, we will be able to save more lives,” she stated.

Scotland said that the seasoned nurses will be able to do annual Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) training amongst other learning programs.

“We decided to broaden this project. So, it’s not just going to be within the lab but the students will be able to do distance learning as well because we will have the projector set up and they will be able to see other universities in the US having programs that they will be able to be part of that as well. That is our long term goal for this,” she said.

The Faculty of Health and Science received new mannequins, other resources and equipment needed for the nursing program and other programs. One mannequin that is also part of the program, which is a water rescue mannequin will be for fire and police department training. There are also multiple CPR mannequins that will be signed off and will be controlled by the School of Nursing and the Dominica State College.

Scotland said the lab will also have a few people from the diaspora who are actively involved in planning and they will continue working closely with the Dean of FHS ensuring that the students have the same level of education like that in the US.

Scotland (right) receives a plaque from the DSC Dean of Academics

President of the Dominica State College, Dr. Donald Peters thanked Scotland, MPOM and Direct Relief for coming on board and completing the project.

“The stimulation lab is critical in training health professionals because it prepares the students with the standards that are international and can be used anywhere in the world and help ensure that safety and people’s lives are protected when they go to work,” Dr. Peters stated.

He said that health care is a critically important service in any country and one of the most expensive services so that the State College will do anything it can to make health care more efficient and cost effective.

“We want to put out the best nurses we can. We’ve been doing this and the majority of our nurses who take the regional exams pass it the first time. So, we are used to it but [we] believe now that they have all the equipment that they need, they will put out 100% pass and one of the things we hope in the future, is that nurses at the national health hospital will have the opportunity to do continuing education here at the lab. EMT [Emergency Medical Technicians] and fire could all be trained here,” he explained.

Dr. Peters believes that this skills lab is a step in the right direction, and is consistent with the DSC’s mission to become the centre for educational and training resources in the country.


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Registration notice for engineers




Board of Engineering


The Board of Engineering solicits applications from individuals to be Registered Engineers in accordance with Sections 20, 24 and 25 of the Engineering Profession Act #22 of 2002, and from Organisations for application for a Certificate of Authorisation to engage in engineering work, in accordance with Section 32 of the said Act.

Application forms, the schedule of fees, and the schedule of engineering operations are available from the following locations:

  • office of Consulting Engineers Partnership, Jean-Baptiste House, Old Street, Roseau;

or can be requested and be received in electronic form from the Chairman of the Board at

The Board requires that all applications be sent to the following address:

Chairman, Board of Engineering, P O Box 1441, Roseau.

The Board of Engineering wishes to advise the general public that:


  1. in accordance with Section 3 of the Act, unless he/she is a Registered Engineer under the Act, any person who practises engineering, calls or advertises himself/herself as an engineer, or signs or stamps drawings or documents purporting to be acting in the capacity of a registered engineer is guilty of an offence under the Act and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10,000 and to imprisonment for two years;
  2. in accordance with Section 32, any organization which engages in the practice of engineering without a valid Certificate of Authorisation, commits an offence under the Act and
    • such an organisation is liable to a fine of $100,000 and
    • a person who at the time of the offence being committed was a director, partner, general manager, secretary or similar officer of that organisation is liable to a fine of $20,000 and two years imprisonment.

Registered Engineers and Engineering Organizations are hereby notified that the Annual Practice Fee, in accordance with Section 26 of the Act, in respect of the year 2019, is due and payable at the office of Consulting Engineers Partnership, Old Street, Roseau.

Further information can be obtained by emailing:  or by calling 285-2055 or 265-8634 or Ms. Cheryl Adams @ 448-3208.

The Board of Engineering urges that Engineers and Engineering organizations abide by the Act #22 of 2002 and ensure that the payment of their practice fees are up to date.

Deadline for payment – March 31st, 2020.



Justinn Kase

Chairman, Board of Engineering

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Renowned sports personality, Phillip Alleyne, laid to rest




Catholic Priest Monsignor Eustace Thomas who was the main celebrant at the funeral mass of former cricket umpire and football referee Phillip Gregory Alleyne has expressed “disappointment” at the turnout at Alleyne’s funeral which was held on Wednesday February 19, 2020 at the Fatima Church in Newtown.

“What about us my dear friends, what about our sense of service, whatever job we have, do we enjoy it and work to the best of our ability, there are a number of professionals who don’t like what they are doing,” the priest said.

According to him they just come to work for the money but the late Phillip Alleyne was a hard working individual who believed in a “fair days’ work for a fair days pay.”

He said, that during the time of Phillip Alleyne, people played sports (cricket) for “love of country, for patriotism, they hardly got money, but that is not the case today,” Monsignor Thomas stated.

The late Phillip Gregory Alleyne he said placed priority on “God and service to country.”

“He was a man of spirituality, he enjoyed life, and he was a proud man,” he stated.

Roger Davis of the Windward Islands Cricket Umpires Association who also represented the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association described the late Phillip Gregory Alleyne as “a quiet giant.”

“This is indeed a sad occasion, we have lost a quiet giant, Phillip was like an institution…the news of his passing was not only shocking but regrettable, and his memories will always live with us. We take comfort in the fact that the consummate ease and none confrontational manner in which he took on life assignments were worthy attributes which we can adopt,” Davis stated.

His body was laid to rest at the Roseau Roman Catholic Cemetery.

He was 92 years old at the time of his death. Alleyne is the founding member of the Dominica Cricket Umpires Association and Dominica Football Referees Association which he founded in 1968.

He also worked at the Roseau City Council holding several positions and finally ended his career in that institution as Town Clerk until his retirement in 1984 after serving the Council for 35 years.



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Jay Dee is 2020 calypso monarch




A smiling Jaydee moments after being crowned 2020 Calypso Monarch.

Dominica has a new calypso monarch.

Jude “Jaydee” Delauney, five years after he first entered the carnival calypso competition, has hit the jackpot.  He delivered two sterling performances to outshine the nine other finalists at the finals held on Saturday night at the Windsor Park forecourt.


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