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Dear Sir:

In the words of the Beatles’ song A Day in the Life: “I read the news today, oh boy…”

North Korea shoots off more missiles, ships are seized in the Strait of Hormuz, countries worldwide are facing political chaos, and immigration crises abound as people flee intolerable conditions in their homelands, all brought on by conflict and violence. 

Has this become the New Normal, and if so, is this the new normal we truly want? We think not.

No sane human being wants conflict and violence. However, over time, we have created a culture in which conflict and violence are seen as the only solutions to irreconcilable differences.

Fortunately, there are better ways to solve social problems. One proven way to resolve differences is by utilizing a ground-breaking and effective means for ending conflict and violence: Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

Invincible Defense Technology: A non-religious, humane and beneficial approach

The practical components of IDT are the non-religious Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the more advanced TM-Sidhi programs. When large groups of experts practice these programs together, a powerful field effect of coherence and peace is generated that spills over into the surrounding population, thereby raising the collective consciousness to come up with more humane solutions to social problems.

Extensive peer-reviewed scientific research repeatedly confirms measurable decreases in war deaths, terrorism, and crime when IDT is utilized. A recent study published in May 2019 in Studies in Asian Social Science, 6(2), 1-45, found that IDT implementation by students was associated with a 96.2 percent decline in sociopolitical violence in the war-torn country of Cambodia as compared to violence in the preceding three years.

Due to the extensive research, the non-profit organization Global Union of Scientists for Peace (GUSP) advocates IDT as a simple and cost-effective approach for reducing the societal stresses thought to be the underlying cause of such social problems (see:

Invincible defense technology is cost-effective

Any military is capable of training and maintaining groups of experts in the advanced IDT strategy. This prevention wing of the military would practice IDT programs twice a day in large groups, defusing social tensions. The collective consciousness of all populations would rise through the influences of greater harmony and peace. Those who have engaged in violence will no longer do so. Studies have shown repeatedly that this method works – and will continue to work as long as the peace-creating groups are maintained.


IDT is not restricted to the military. Any large group of experts trained in the advanced IDT techniques can accomplish the same goals of alleviating terror and violence by practicing this approach in groups twice a day. These groups could be comprised of congregations at places of worship, prisoners, the elderly in retirement homes, even students such as documented in Studies in Asian Social Science. Theoretically, immigrants awaiting processing could volunteer to be trained in the advanced IDT techniques and placed on cruise ships parked offshore from trouble spots for the duration, thereby alleviating immigration crises as well.

The important factor is for the advanced IDT techniques to be performed by trained experts consistently in groups twice a day. Simply by doing this, violence and conflict would be eradicated, according to the numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies summarized on the GUSP website.

Nothing else has worked

Up until now; violence has historically been the response to national differences, despite its costs both in financial and human terms. Thankfully, in the words of Nobel Prize-winning songwriter Bob Dylan: “The Times They Are a-Changin’.” Currently, militaries are utilizing IDT training for their personnel, with positive societal results for their countries.

Give peace a chance

Time is ripe for the creation of a Department of Peace to utilize IDT as a means of creating lasting peace.

As early as 1979, a bill was introduced in Congress to create a US Department of Peace; this bill has been re-introduced in each session of Congress from 2001 to 2011. In 2013 it was re-introduced as H.R. 1111 and is currently supported by 40 cosponsors.

Creating a US Department of Peace is also a leading campaign issue for one of the current 2020 US presidential candidates, with the intent of co-coordinating the international peace-building agencies that already exist as well as local peace-building efforts in a way to transform society from one of violence to one of peaceful resolution. IDT is a powerful field-tested tool to facilitate this transformation.

What the world needs now

What is needed now is for all leaders worldwide to recognize the benefits to their nations in utilizing a peaceful, more effective proven way of resolving differences without creating conflict and violence. IDT is that proven way; and now is the time to utilize IDT to resolve tensions and eliminate political chaos globally once and for all.

By Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler

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Werley Zeus: Haiti And African Countries Should Become One



The 26 years old, Werley Zeus is a musician, author, entrepreneur, and politician from Haiti. He owns a mass media company operating under the name of Ceraphin Corporation that owns different types of businesses including publishing companies and radio stations.

The 26 years old CEO believes that Haiti and African countries should unite together again and become partners because Haiti and African countries belong to black brothers and sisters.

“I think Haiti and African countries should unite together and become partners.”, said Werley Zeus.

Let’s not forget that Ceraphin Corporation’s Werley Zeus launched ‘Woy Africa! Network’ and ‘Afro! PopUp’ in Africa to serve the continent.

According to Werley, the brands named ‘Woy Africa! Network’ is a publishing magazine operating by Ceraphin Network and ‘Afro! PopUp’ is an internet radio station managed by Ceraphin Radio Network. The brands are operating in Africa and Werley thinks it makes for Haitians and Africans to work together because unity is power.

According to reports and studies, Haiti has been abused by the U.S. for years and years, so the time has come for Haiti to cut off every relationship with the U.S. to join Venezuela, Africa, Russia, and others in order to grow and prosper before 2045 arrives.

Werley Zeus hopes to become a leader in the upcoming Haitian Government that the Haitian population will install soon, so the plans will succeed. Hopefully, a new Haitian Government will take power in 2020 so the right leaders can lead Haiti in the right direction.

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Prime Minister meets with executive members of Caribbean Congress of Labour




Prime Minister, Dr the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, and Minister of Labour, Honourable, Peter David, met Friday with executive members of the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL) who were in Grenada for a meeting of the regional organisation.

In welcoming the team, headed by President Andre Lewis of Grenada, Dr Mitchell underscored the importance of the labour movement and of working together.

He noted that the current Chair of the Caribbean Community, Honourable Mia Mottley of Barbados shares that opinion, hence the invitation to labour representatives to attend the inter-sessional meeting in Barbados this week.

Dr Mitchell said, “In the new global community, unless we work together, we would not survive. We need to unify our efforts – businesses, governments and labour to meet the fundamental challenges we face today. The Government of Grenada looks forward to continued cooperation as we go forward.”

Andre Lewis, who was elected President of the CCL last November, said the organisation also favours the collaborative approach and welcomed the opportunity to work with Caribbean leaders. He said, the CCL also believes the tripartite approach is necessary.

The Prime Minister also raised the issue of productivity, which he said needs to be addressed. The CCL executive members noted that productivity must be looked at in all its dimensions.

The subject of a possible government subvention for the CCL was discussed. Dr Mitchell, who is also the Minister of Finance, said government will be willing to support efforts by the regional trade union umbrella body, especially as it endeavours to empower its membership.

This drive to empower has already started. Through the CCL’s partnership with Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies in Trinidad and Tobago, the Grenada Trades Union Council is planning a one-week training session in leadership for its affiliates.

Dr Mitchell also suggested that the trade unions get involved in business ventures that can benefit their members over time. Some unions in Trinidad and Tobago and Dominica are already engaged in such activities and Dr Mitchell suggested that this approach be encouraged in other countries, including Grenada.

Office of the Prime Minister

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CARIBEWAVE 2020 to be staged on 19 March




The National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) continues its preparation for the hosting of CARIBEWAVE 2020, carded for Thursday, 19 March 2020.

This year’s scenario will involve a 8.9 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Jamaica, triggering a tele-tsunami in our area.

The exercise will be held along the western corridor: Victoria, Gouyave and Grand Mal, but triggering a national response.

The 2020 exercise gives the sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique a unique opportunity to test the SOP (Standard Operating Protocol) created in 2019 as part of the certification of being Tsunami Ready in November 2019.

The exercise will be conducted simultaneously in Carriacou and Petite Martinique. We therefore encourage the general public to visit the website to register for the exercise.

CARIBEWAVE (Caribbean Tsunami Warning Exercise) is a tsunami exercise held annually in the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, under the direction of UNESCO and the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

The purpose of the CARIBEWAVE exercise is to improve the effectiveness of the Tsunami Warning System along the Caribbean coast.  The exercise provides an opportunity for emergency management organisations throughout the region to test their operational lines of communications, review their tsunami response procedures, and to promote tsunami preparedness.

The objectives of the CARIBEWAVE Exercise are to test and evaluate the operations of the Caribbean Tsunami Warning System (Caribe EWS), to validate preparedness response to a tsunami (which are test protocols and communications systems between tsunami warning centres and the tsunami warning focal points), and the use of the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) enhanced tsunami products for the Caribbean, as well as assist in tsunami preparedness efforts of the emergency management agencies in those areas.

For additional information, please contact Oslyn Crosby Public Relations Officer, NaDMA on 440-8390/ 440-0838, or 533-0766 email: / . 

NaDMA, the official source for all disaster related information in Grenada. 

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