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Nomination Day went well says the Electoral Office



UWP Castle Bruce candidate Ernie Jno Finn displays her nomination form

Today, Tuesday, November 19, 2019, was Nomination Day in Dominica and assuming that all showed for nomination, a total of  42 candidates will contest the next general election carded for December 6, 2019.

Press and Public Education Officer at the Electoral Commission, Elias Dupuis, told DNO that he is encouraged and heartened by the fact the there were no reports of incidents.

“We have not had any report of incidents of anyone trying to disturb the proceedings for Nomination Day, which is quite encouraging and heartening, to see that people are willing to participate in the process and not just the candidates,” he stated.

Catherine Daniel (centre) flanked by two supporters

Although according to Dupuis there no incidents of direct interference in the Nomination Day process, Catherine Daniel – the DLP Candidate for the Colihaut Constituency wrote on her Facebook page that she had to travel to her constituency by boat in order to get nominated.

“Thank you to my constituents for making my nomination possible. I travelled to the Constituency by boat. My constituents picked me up and escorted me peacefully to the Colihaut Village Council Office. The love, peace, and support of my constituents are immeasurable”.

Daniel’s boat trip became necessary due to the blockage of the E.O. Leblanc Highway at Salisbury the night before by protesters involved in the campaign for electoral reform.

UWP Roseau South candidate (5th from left) Joshua Francis with his support group on Nomination Day

The incumbent Dominica Labour Party (DLP) led by Roosevelt Skerrit and United Workers Party (UWP) led by Lennox Linton are the only two parties contesting this election. The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP), under the leadership of Kent Vital, has bowed out of the race but has thrown its support behind the United Workers Party and encouraged DFP members to do the same.

DLP Roseau North candidate Joseph Isaac (3rd from right-front row) surrounded by his entourage

The 42 candidates will be contesting for the seats in twenty-one constituencies on the island.

Roseau Central – Melissa Skerrit (DLP) , Glenroy “SoSo” Cuffy (UWP)

Roseau North – Danny Lugay (UWP) , Joseph Isaac (DLP)

Roseau South – Chekirah Lockhart (DLP), Joshua Francis (UWP)

Roseau Valley – Ronald Charles (UWP), Irving McIntyre (DLP)

Grand Bay – Edward Registe (DLP), Nept Pacquette (UWP)

Scotshead – Samuel Christian (UWP), Denise Charles (DLP)

Petite Savanne – Kenneth Darroux (DLP), Rosana Emmanuel (UWP)

Mahaut – Felix Thomas (UWP), Rayburn Blackmoore(DLP)

St. Joseph – Monell Williams (UWP), Adis King (DLP)

Colihaut – Catherine Daniel (DLP), Nicholas George (UWP)

Salisbury – Hector John (UWP), Nicholson Esprit (DLP)

Portsmouth – Ian Douglas (DLP), Jefferson James (UWP)

Vielle Case – Clement Marcellin (UWP), Roosevelt Skerrit (DLP)

Paix Bouche – Rosalind Paul (DLP), Davis George (UWP)

Cottage – Marcus Romain (UWP), Reginald Austrie (DLP)

Wesley – Fidel Grant (DLP), Ezekiel Bazil (UWP)

Marigot – Lennox Linton (UWP), Gregory Riviere (DLP)

Kalinago – Cozier Federick (DLP), Anette Sanford (UWP)

Castle Bruce – Ernie Jno-Finn (UWP), Octavia Alfred (DLP)

Grand Fond – Greta Roberts (DLP), Pharo Cuffy (UWP)

Laplaine – Francisca Joseph (UWP), Kent Edwards (DLP)

The Dominica Labour Party has been governing the affairs of the country from 2000 -2019. Roosevelt Skerrit became prime minister and leader of the DLP after the death of Pierre Charles in 2003 until the present.

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COVID-19: Standpipes for hand washing are in place says DOWASCO




A newly installed standpipe on Great Marlborough Street in Roseau

As measures to fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) intensify, The Dominica Water and Sewerage Authority (DOWASCO) is reporting that the standpipes promised by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit a little over a week ago, have been fully installed.

PM Skerrit said on March 19 that the government had taken a decision to install standpipes in the city of Roseau to facilitate hand-washing in Roseau in the battle against the dreadful virus which has infected more than 900,000 people and killed over 45,000 around the world.

DOWASCO has told Dominica News Online (DNO) that there are now several fully-installed and ready-to-use hand washing facilities in various parts of Roseau.

The company says this was done to encourage everyone to wash their hands and to maintain proper sanitation during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The standpipes have been installed in the following locations: opposite Flow, Going Places, Grand Bay bus stop, Fresh Market, Soufriere Bus Stop, Methodist Church, Marigot Bus Stop, Best Price, Canefield Bus Stop, Irock, Burtons, Grand Fond Bus Stop and Jackson’s.

And although, in keeping with government’s advice, DOWASCO shut its office from March 26, the company told DNO that there will be no issue in providing a constant flow of water to the public through these standpipes.

DOWASCO says it has effected its emergency plan and only emergencies will be attended to during this time of closure.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: AID Bank office hours and precautions





Dear Valued Customers,

In light of the Corona Virus Pandemic, the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development Bank (AID Bank) will be undertaking certain precautionary measures to safeguard our team of banking professionals and our valued customers.

Effective immediately, the bank has implemented the following measures to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

  • The Bank will be opened for business on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. to facilitate loan and rental payment processing only.
  • The following payment options are available to our customers to make payments without physically coming into the bank:
  • MoBanking at NBD
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • To better serve you, our valued customers, all loan applications and other services will be conducted via WhatsApp, e-mail and telephone.


  • A maximum of ten (10) customers will be allowed to enter the Bank at any one time.


  • Upon arrival at the bank, persons are required to:


  • observe the established social distancing protocol; and
  • have their temperature taken

ALL are encouraged to heed the advice of the medical professionals this time!


Please contact the bank for further details at:



The general public will be notified of further changes to the bank’s operations when necessary.

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‘No breaches’, no escapes at Dominica’s COVID-19 facilities says Deputy Police Chief




Lincoln Corbette, Deputy Chief of Police

Deputy Chief of Police, Lincoln Corbette, is shooting down rumours that some people placed at quarantine facilities in Dominica have escaped.

Recently, there was information circulating on social media, that that two people had escaped, however, Corbette said at a news conference on Monday that this is untrue.

“So far, there are no breaches at the quarantine facilities or the COVID hospital,” he revealed. “I know there have been reports circulating of persons escaping or absconding from the sites, I wish to say that these reports are untrue and malicious.”

He continued, “No one has escaped from the facilities or the hospital.”

Corbette said According to him, in light of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force has been engaged in a number of COVID-19-related activities in support of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment.

These activities include patrolling the City of Roseau, patrolling all the villages throughout Dominica, patrols at sea to prevent illegal entry, security duty at checkpoints, security duty at the COVID hospital and surveillance at bays and beaches to prevent illegal entry.

Additionally, Corbette stated that the immigration department has been identifying and arresting individuals who have entered the state illegally.

“So far, these individuals have been quarantined at the Government quarantine facility at Picard and are being dealt with according to law,” he said. “Anyone who is found entering the state illegally will be dealt with according to law.”

The Deputy Police Chief made it clear that “No one will get a free pass.”

Corbette thanked the members of the public for cooperating with the police during the period of the curfew and for also reporting breaches.

“We have had many calls of people who have been suspected to breach the curfew order or the quarantine rules, and we have dealt with every one of those speedily,” he stated.

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