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My father is messing up my love life – Dominica News Online




My father hates every man I ever introduced him to. I’m beginning to think my father wants me to die single. I am 29 for crying out aloud and the man has never ever not even once liked my boyfriends.

All because of him I had to dump about three potential husbands. Now I have this guy Bella who loves me and asked me to marry him. He is a police officer. And when I introduced him to our family last week, my father had the guts to tell me never marry a police officer or bus driver or government minister.

The man was so ashamed he just bowed his head after my father treated him like that in front of the whole family.

I asked my father how am I supposed to have a life and start a family when he rejects every man who is interested in me? He said no one will ever be good enough for his daughter.

My father thinks I am still his little girl and I can’t understand that at all.

I think my father’s fear is being alone. Because my mom passed a few years ago and I am their only child.

But I tried to explain that being married won’t mean I will neglect him.

Bella I can’t manage that mess so I am moving out. Too bad for my father.

Frustrated Daughter

Hello Frustrated Daughter,

Indeed your situation seems very frustrating and I don’t blame you if you want to leave that environment.

Your dad needs to understand that you are now and adult and must move on in that direction.

You need to have your own life, your husband, your family.

He isn’t being fair to you at all by trying to keep you hostage because of his own fears.

Moving out might be a good move since staying under the same roof with him may result in your further unhappiness.

Bite the bullet. Let him know his actions are pushing you away. Sometimes distance can change people.

If you are moving out, then move out. Eventually, your father will come around. And if he doesn’t, then it means he does not understand the true essence of loving his daughter.

Best Bella

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PHARCS (home for the elderly) in Dominica satisfied with response of family members to COVID-19




Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Premium Home and Residential Care Services (PHARCS), Marie Therese Junkere, said family members of patients at both facilities located at Morne Daniel and Giraudel have fully cooperated and provided support to the measures put in place due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The facilities, which house elderly persons, are currently on lockdown with staff living on-site caring for the elderly who live there. All family members and other visitors were asked to avoid visiting residents at PHARCS except if absolutely necessary – even if visitors are healthy and regardless of age.

Junkere, told Dominica News Online (DNO) during an interview on Monday, that no one is allowed to go out at this time.

“The facilities have received a lot of support from families,” she said. “We have one particular family member who supplied gloves and sanitizing stuff. She has been amazing.”

She continued, “They are really happy that we have done this and that reduces the risk to the residents…also to the staff. It helps them.”

Junkere explained that the family members or friends do not come to the facility to drop off supplies. She said instead, the staff of PHARCS are the ones who pick up supplies from these individuals wherever they are located.

“We go to them,” she said.

She also pointed out that there are medically trained staff and caregivers at both facilities, as well as a cook.

“Both facilities are covered,” Junkere noted.

She explained that there are 6 residents at the Giraudel Facility which she referred to as “the High Dependency Unit”. She said the people there have special needs and two of them are recovering from a stroke. There are 26 residents at the Morne Daniel Facility.

Meantime, Junkere urged the public to listen to the directives being issued by the government and health ministry, “and to stay home.”

She also called on people to keep an eye on elders in their community.

“They need you right now,” she noted. “Some of the elders live on their own; the isolation is an issue…Let us check up on them, make sure they don’t need anything; let us not forget them.”

PHARCS reassures the public that they are committed and fully prepared to keep the residents at the institution safe.

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COVID-19: Dominica government plans to take new measures as 3-day curfew ends




PM Roosevelt Skerrit

The government of Dominica plans to put new measures in place in its continuing efforts to prevent the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, who was speaking during a special programme on State-Owned DBS Radio on Monday night, said among measures his government is considering is to have grocery shops in various villages and the supermarkets open at specific times.

The two-day curfew which was implemented on Saturday 28th March, from 10:00PM was lifted today at 8:00AM.

 “We intend to continue the measures that we have currently in place which started on Saturday, but to allow for certain activities to take place during specified times,” he said. “For example, we will allow for the grocery shops to open in the villages and the supermarkets to open, but for a specific time frame.”

Skerrit said that for example, supermarkets could open from 6:00AM to 2:00PM on weekdays but on weekends, the entire country should be shut down and everybody should be home, “with the exception of those who have to be out.”

He said the government is suggesting that mini-buses should have one passenger per row.

“We recognize that our mini-bus is licensed to carry 16 or 17 passengers,” he stated. “When we are on these buses, we are squeezing. We have 4 people, 5 people in one row. We are suggesting – of course, that will be finalized, but the recommendation here is – that we should have one passenger per row on these mini-buses to allow for the distancing we are talking about.”

He said he noticed that a number of bus drivers are practising the physical distancing of passengers as the buses are not as filled as they normally are.

Another recommendation which the Prime Minister mentioned is for liquor licenses in Dominica to be suspended.

He said large gatherings of people have been observed at various “rum shops” and this is not in keeping with what is being recommended.

“And so, to protect these people from any harm, we are seeking to suspend the licenses across the country,” he remarked.

Attempts by Dominica News Online (DNO) to seek some clarity on the various proposed measures and the time for their implementation, were unsuccessful.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Big God (repraise) – Rehlar




Stephen Akintunjoye (a.k.a Rehlar) is a Nigerian born gospel minister who currently resides in Dominica.

Rehlar had this to say about this recent release: “We are to give thanks in everything because that is the will of God for us even in [these] hard times. Dance and Rejoice with this song.”

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