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Dominican Republic

Miss Panama “makes fun” of Miss Dominican Republic, and receives harsh criticism



Model Mehr Eliezer apologized to Clauvid Dály. (EXTERNAL SOURCE / FREE DAILY, MASSIEL BECO.)

  • Model Mehr Eliezer apologized to Clauvid Dály and the Dominicans for what she says was a confusion


Clauvid Dály’s triumph in the Miss Universe DR continues to be a topic of conversation both in the country and internationally. This time, the slender 18-year-old model heads headlines in Latin America due to the loud mockery made by one of her opponents.

This is Miss Panama, Mehr Eliezer, who uploaded a comparative image between her and the Dominican, where the latter looks distorted, exaggerating her features.

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As noted in the Puerto Rico Metro newspaper, the Panamanian beauty erased the story almost half an hour after publishing it. After several minutes, she wrote several messages, where she apologized to the Quequeyana, the Dominican people and the organization of Miss Universe Dominican Republic.


Mehr said the publication was a “misunderstanding.”

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Despite the apology, many Panamanians have requested the resignation of the queen, considering the comments as a lack of ethics and respect, they also ensure that Eliezer, 22 years old does not represent them because she is of Indian origin.

Clauvid has not yet referred to the event.

“I am Panamanian. What a pity with the DR that we are such brother countries … well, this woman does not represent us at all since she is Hindu. Second that she did not deserve to win was the consensus of many, third perhaps the jury got carried away because she boasts of speaking several languages ​​colloquially … The jury thought she would choose a luminary and today with her actions she throws that opportunity of being Miss Panama on the floor. We saw how she answered criticism for her choice, without thinking I hated her. God has prepared her justice. If she knows she won’t remain between 50. And many Dominicans like Yaritza Reyes dropped their mouths. What a shame for the DR, my apologies on behalf of this contestant and on behalf of Panama, wrote a Panamanian Instagram user.

Criticized by many Dominicans

Clauvid’s victory brought a wave of negative comments on social networks, as another participant was the favorite, however, Dály is confident that internationally she is well-positioned. “It brings me a lot of confidence and security that I have been well received internationally. There they do not look at skin color or races, but the potential that a young woman has. Critics have shocked me, but when I focus on my work everything is solved.”

For Clauvid, beauty goes beyond the physical, because it has more to do with the essence of each human being. The social cause that she has decided to support is the prevention of child marriage and teenage pregnancy, considering that these young people enter a disadvantageous situation in society for their economic and emotional development, and that in many cases they are also removed from education, something that is very important to her, since she understands that it is the basis of the human being.

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Dominican Republic

Happy Dolphins lists achievements for north coast youngsters




By Patricia Hiraldo

Cabarete.- Thanks to a joint action with the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society of Canada and local foundations, the Happy Dolphins Project of Cabarete successfully launched for the first time its Swim Instructor and Lifesaving Certification Programs.

During two weeks, over 32 youths from Cabarete and Sosua worked tirelessly in the water and under the Caribbean sun; the action took place in the pools at Viva Wyndham Tangerine and the Inspire DR Foundation. The mission: to learn swimming and lifesaving techniques from veteran instructors, who traveled from Canada, in a generous gesture, to teach locals and turn statistics around; amazingly, 8 of 10 Dominicans don’t know how to swim.

Tough practices, fitness tests, stroke exercises and rescue drills were seen nonstop in the pools as well as the beach. The results: 15 Bronze Medallion certifications in lifesaving and 12 Swimming Instructor certifications, which were handed to the proud participants in a joyous dinner ceremony at seaside Ojo|Lax Club; this was the first step of an ambitious journey which will rise our young men and women to the highest international levels in the field.

The north shore of the Dominican Republic lives on a blue economy, which is the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods and jobs, and ocean ecosystem health,” according to the World Bank.

However, even though the country is surrounded by water on three coasts, it lives with its back turned to the sea.

Happy Dolphins wants to change this by creating a strong bond between the new generations and the ocean through swimming and water sports. It builds sustainable lives and supports ocean health in the region, and this is done through training in surf, lifesaving and swim instructors plus education in ocean conservation and safety.

The goal is to educate Dominican youth on some of the many critical problems which our dying oceans face today:

– Protecting corals dying due to warming temperatures;

– Disregard for the marine environment (overfishing and disregard for closure periods);

– Illegal poaching and sale of sea turtle shells destined for jewelry and utensils;

– Other species at the brink of extinction in our island, such as manatee and parrotfish;

– Plastic pollution and how it affects our tourism industry while hindering the health of our oceans;

– How human behavior affects the global climate, resulting in ever increasingly disastrous weather events in our region and mass migration from neighboring nation Haiti, due to these events and poverty.

Cabarete is a small active community, which for the past 35 years has been thriving on water sports tourism. Not only do hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive yearly (400,000+), to enjoy perfect wind and waves conditions with constant 26 degrees C water temperature; additionally, this Caribbean hotspot is in the limelight for top international water sports competitions, such as the Master of the Ocean and the Cabarete Kite Festival. These two world-class events lure watermen and waterwomen from all over the planet and challenge local riders, who seize the opportunity to show off their abilities for international media to see, as they absorb this healthy, competitive culture.

Recognized as the cradle of watersports champions worldwide, Cabarete has produced stars in all four disciplines; one name stands out, kitesurfer Adeuri Corniel. Corniel brought home the gold during the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics games in 2018; he has not stopped shining through races in Europe and Africa, to the marvel of his fellow community.

The strength of the Happy Dolphins Project lies in a strategic tight collaboration with local foundations, such as Inspire DR, The Mariposa Foundation, DREAM Project, Ocean Academy DR and Dove Youth Development (Puerto Plata). As a whole, these game changing centers reach out to over 2,000 underprivileged children and youth in the province.

Other Happy Dolphins achievements:

– March 2016 – Starboard donates four SUP board equipment, made available at the Encuentro Beach station, 321Takeoff Surf School.

– June 8th, 2018 – United Nations Ocean’s Day – 1st Happy Dolphins Festival: a  celebration of our oceans, organized for over 200 local children of the North Shore. Activities included: surfing lessons and a friendly surfing competition, followed by soccer, yoga for children, circus games, beach clean ups and inspirational environment talks, to connect the children with the ocean.

From now on it is time to face the ocean; Happy Dolphins is committed to continue with the certification programs, summer surf camps, and is planning its new Adopt A Beach program. Adopta Una Playa seeks to create a profound connection with the coastline by creating awareness about the coastline: fauna and flora, sea currents, wind and wave patterns, and swimming safety to prevent drownings.

The task at hand isn’t easy, and as with all major shifts the it belongs to all of us: the community, private businesses and government institutions. All must do its part to make change a reality.

After all, a child who loves the ocean will care for it always.

This action was made possible by Mamey Librería Café, Viva Wyndham Tangerine, Let’ and Ojo|Lax Club Cabarete. To be part of the solution, please donate by going to .

Photos: Sebastiano Massimino

Cel. +809 856 4798



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Dominican Republic

Gasoline, diesel down; propane up; natural gas unchanged




Santo Domingo.- The Industry and Commerce Ministry posted the fuel prices in gallons for the week from November 23 to 29:

Premium gasoline RD$227.50, lower by RD$1.10

Regular RD$213.00, lower by RD$1.20

Regular diesel, RD$178.00, lower by RD$1.70

Optimum diesel RD$191.00, lower by RD$1.60

Avtur RD$140.90, lower by RD$2.60

Kerosene RD$167.20, lower by RD$2.70

Fuel oil RD $ 84.16, low RD $. 7.40.

Propane gas (LPG) will be at RD $ 101.90, up RD $ 1.20

Natural gas unchanged at RD$28.97 per cubic meter.

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Dominican Republic

the country leads in femicides




Santo Domingo (EFE).- In a difficult month for women in the Dominican Republic, with at least eight femicides confirmed to date, human rights groups question the veracity of official statistics, which post an apparent decrease in such crimes

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) announced as an achievement the 25% decrease in the number of femicides so far this year, which maintains the downward trend registered last year and would turn 2019 into the best of the last 14 years.

Between 2005 and November 2019, the PGR acknowledges 1,295 femicides, but those numbers are far from those published by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) which, in a shorter period, between January 2010 and September 2019, has added 1,795 women killed in the Dominican Republic.

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