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Jamaica Government To Establish Three State-Run Shelters For Victims Of Gender-Based Violence



Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange (2nd left) shares a moment with other officials as well as students from Jamaica College at the Stand up, Talk up Public Forum. (Photo credit: JIS)

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday December 2, 2019 – Government is in the process of
establishing three state-run shelters for victims of gender-based violence.

The Ministry
of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport has already completed the purchase
of one property to serve as a national shelter. And Minister Olivia Grange said
the government is now finalizing the process to acquire the two other

“So we will
have a shelter in the east, a shelter in the west and a shelter mid-island, so
wherever the need is, we will be able to provide support for women in abusive
situations,” she said, adding that the shelters will be operationalized next

Government of Jamaica is providing a refuge from real and pending danger to our
women and our children and we are providing a suitable way out for these
victims through counselling, and other types of intervention.”

However, the
Minister said the shelter initiative requires the support of all and not just
the Government.

national shelter programme presents a perfect opportunity for us to use
corporate social responsibility and public partnership as a means of protecting
human rights and well-being,” she said.

I am asking our multilateral partners, civil society organisations,
non-government organisations and members of the private sector to join us in
this carefully executed but anticipated and intentional decision to respond to
a complex social, economic and cultural problem in an ongoing and holistic way.”

Grange said the United Nations describes gender based violence against women
and girls as one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human
violations in the world today.

continues to be a major obstacle to the fulfilment of women’s and girls’ human
rights, and it occurs worldwide. It cuts across all generations, nationalities,
communities and spheres of our societies, irrespective of age, ethnicity,
disability, or any other background,” she said.

Grange also
cited statistics from Jamaica’s Women Health 2016 Survey which reports that one
in every four women has been slapped, beaten with a fist, or pushed.

The survey
also showed that a quarter of women in Jamaica have been sexually abused by men
who are not their intimate partners; that the majority of men who sexual abused
women were either friends or acquaintances; and that one out of every five
women reported being sexually abused before reaching 18 by a family member or a

“The Woman’s
Health Survey has shown us that when women are leaving violent relationships,
it is a constant process as they attempt to leave many times, but they’re not
able to,” the Minster said.

“What is
even more alarming is that the data highlighted that some women in Jamaica
believe that some types of violence against women can be justified, they think
it is tough love, him love me so him beat me,” she added, pointing to the
urgent need to “sensitise our citizens and protect our women and girls.”

Grange was speaking at the Stand up, Talk up Public Forum which was held in
commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against
Women (IDEVAW) which was observed on November 25. It is a part of 16 days of
activism against gender based- violence which will end on December 10.

Grange said the observance of IDEVAW creates awareness on all forms of violence against women and girls and its impact on the country’s socio- economic development.

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Haiti’s COVID-19 solution? Voodoo – Mission Network News




Haiti (MNN) — According to Reuters, Haitian witch doctors say they’re concocting secret remedies and preparing rooms in 1,000 voodoo temples to treat COVID-19 patients. Haiti’s failed infrastructure and inadequate medical care leave viable options few and far between.

Plus, “Voodoo is a very strong influence in Haiti. When people are sick, they often will go to a witch doctor for a solution,” Kate Michel explains. Michel oversees fundraising and communication at 4VEH, TransWorld Radio’s partnering network in Haiti.

“Even if they are suffering from money problems, they will go to the witch doctor often first.”

More coronavirus coverage here.

Fact vs. fiction

In mid-April, Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe declared victory over COVID-19 and began re-opening the country. However, coronavirus infections quintupled in recent weeks, driving desperation sky-high. “Patients are in a very difficult spot right now. A lot of health clinics are not prepared to receive people and to treat them for COVID-19,” Michel says.

With few options in sight, Haitians turn to what they know. Half of the country’s 11 million people practice voodoo.

voodoo peru

(Photo credit Renee Fowler via Flickr)

“Voodoo ceremonies are about appealing to the Voodoo spirit… that’s what people are turning to for help and for hope. We encourage people to turn to the Lord and to ask for God’s help and God’s intervention in this.”

4VEH began broadcasting in Haiti 70 years ago, so “we’re a trusted voice; people rely on what they hear on 4VEH,” Michel says. Most Haitians get their information and news through radio, giving 4VEH a Gospel opportunity.

“We really feel that God has raised up 4VEH to be that voice of hope for such a time as this,” Michel says. “We’re able to create jingles and songs that encourage people to wash hands and to stay at a distance. And, we’re able to answer lots of questions, too.”

Misinformation about COVID-19 preceded the virus’s arrival in Haiti, VOA News reports. “People are hearing fake news, rumors of all kinds of treatments, all kinds of reasons why the virus is in Haiti,” Michel confirms.

(Photo courtesy 4VEH)

“We’re able to find the right information and then relate to them in a way that is loving, and hopefully sharing the love of Christ with them.”

How to help Haiti

Click here to support TWR and 4VEH broadcasts. They’re pairing practical help for today with Gospel hope for tomorrow. Most importantly, pray. Using the prompts listed alongside this article, “please keep praying for Haiti,” Michel requests.

“Right now, the numbers of COVID-19 cases are accelerating and Haiti is not prepared to deal with it. The days ahead look very, very difficult.”

Use this resource from our sister ministry, Prayercast, to pray into the COVID-19 pandemic.



Header image is a 2012 photo by Albert Gonzalez Farran – UNAMID.  It depicts a master on traditional medicine in Sudan preparing a treatment against mental illnesses.

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Haïti – Actualité : Zapping…




Haïti – Actualité : Zapping…
31/05/2020 11:48:56

Haïti - Actualité : Zapping...

Déjà plus de 120,000 bénéficiaires de l’aide de l’État :

La Digicel informe avoir fait le dépôt vendredi 29 mai de 3,072 Gourdes d’aide du Gouvernement, via son service MonCash, selon la liste de numéros de téléphone et de noms fourni par le Gouvernement à 44,762 nouveaux bénéficiaires, ce qui porte le total de personnes ayant reçu la subvention de l’État à 120,370 bénéficiaires. Lire aussi :

Arrestation du présumé assassin de l’inspecteur Jeantélus :

Samedi la Police Nationale d’Haiti a procédé dans la commune de Pestel (Dépt. Grand’Anse), à l’arrestation de Jeff Vertilus soupçonné d’être l’auteur de l’assassinat par balle de l’inspecteur de Police Jocelyn Jeantélus , le 20 octobre 2019 . Le présumé assassin va être transféré à la Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire (DCPJ) pour les besoins de l’enquête. Jeff Vertilus serait membre d’un Gang armé opérant à Village de Dieu.

France : Un Franco-haïtien maire en Seine-Saint-Denis

Le franco-haïtien 43 ans, Dieunor Excellent élu a été installé comme Maire de Villetaneuse en Seine-Saint-Denis, le 27 mai dernier.

Décès du poète Alain Philoctète :

« La Direction Nationale du Livre apprend avec beaucoup de peine la nouvelle de la mort du poète, dessinateur et militant haïtien Alain Philoctète, à l’âge de 56 ans (né le 19 juillet1963). Auteur en 1998 du poème “Légende de mon Royaume”, Alain Philoctète est le fils du poète René Philoctète. Au début de cette année, le documentariste Will Prosper a sorti un documentaire de 83 minutes : “Kenbe la : Jusqu’à la victoire”, qui retrace les combats d’Alain Philoctète et son voyage en Haïti dans le cadre de son projet de permaculture. En cette douloureuse circonstance, la Direction générale adresse ses sympathies à son épouse, à la famille Philoctète, à ses amis, notamment le réalisateur Will Prosper qu’il a côtoyé pendant plusieurs années, et à la communauté de la poésie tant en Haïti qu’au Québec où il s’était établi depuis 16 ans environ. »

Message du Secrétaire d’État à la Jeunesse :

« C’est ici qu’il faut se battre, pour faire et construire la différence. Ailleurs, dans un autre pays, dans un autre État, chez un autre peuple, les gens ont leur propre combat à mener. C’est Haïti que nous devons changer pour goûter au bonheur de la vie. » Charlot Jacquelin Junior, Secrétaire d’État à la Jeunesse

Félicitations de la Fédération Haïtienne de Basketball :

« Toutes nos félicitations à Conald Colbert, Cadre de la Fédération Haïtienne de Basketball (FHB) qui vient de réussir la soutenance de son mémoire avec la mention très bien. Sujet de son mémoire « Le marché du Basketball dans la zone Métropolitaine de Port-au-Prince, opportunités et Défis ». Fédération Haïtienne de Basketball.

HL/ HaïtiLibre

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He’s got a lot of problems’ – Sane to Bayern would be a disaster, warns Sagnol




Bayern Munich should be wary of signing Leroy Sane from Manchester City, legendary full-back Willy Sagnol has told his former club.

Sagnol spent nine years playing with FCB, turning out for them on more than 250 occasions and helping them to five Bundesliga titles and the 2001 Champions League.

The former France international also has experience in the dugout, even taking charge of Bayern for one match on an interim basis, but has since gone into punditry and says that Sane, who has spent the whole of the season to date recovering from a serious knee injury, would be a major gamble for his former side.

“He doesn’t correspond at all to Bayern in terms of his character,” Sagnol told RMC of the 24-year-old. “He’s someone whose form is very inconsistent and who is very withdrawn. 

“For me, he doesn’t suit the club at all. He’s had a lot of problems at Manchester City and with the national team.”

Sagnol even went so far as to suggest an alternative to Sane, who had been on the brink of signing for Bayern last summer before his Community Shield injury against Liverpool.

“We’re talking about a cost of €80 million (£72m/$89m). In that case, I would prefer to put another €20m down and sign Kai Havertz.” Continue reading

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Haitian Times

The Haitian Times was founded in 1999 as a weekly English language newspaper based in Brooklyn, NY.The newspaper is widely regarded as the most authoritative voice for Haitian Diaspora.

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