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Dominican Republic

Hoteliers reject bill that includes tourism rental properties



Santo Domingo.- The National Hotels and Restaurants Association (Asonahores) and the Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus) on Wednesday said they oppose the bill for the Rentals and Real Estate Law that includes those properties that form a commercial premise.

After a meeting with the Senate Justice Commission, Asonahores vice president, Andrés Marranzini, considered that the aspects related to commercial rents would already be regulated in the Commercial Code and the Civil Code, so he considered it necessary that they are beyond the scope of the bill.

“Legislation should focus on housing,” Marranzini said.

Finjus vice president, Servio Tulio Castaños Guzmán said there’s a need for a “restructuring” of the bill to focus its content only on homes and leave out of its regime rentals for industrial or tourist uses.

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Dominican Republic

DR government will make a border wall




Santo Domingo.— The Dominican Republic will build a border fence at the border, specifically at the Mal Paso border point, in Jimaní, Independencia province.

The objectives of the work, which would be 17 kilometers long, are to make tax collection more efficient and to counter smuggling and drug trafficking at that border point, a high-level source from the Dominican Republic Army revealed yesterday.

For these purposes, the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) called for a public tender exclusively for the purchase of the materials that will be used in the construction of the fence, which will be lifted by the Ministry of Defense.

Those interested in participating in the tender, should contact the Purchasing Department of the General Directorate of Customs or download it on their website

With the call for bids, published in the national press, the DGA complies with the provisions of Law 340-06 on Purchases and Public Contracting of Goods, Works and Concessions.

Proposals for those interested in participating will be received in sealed envelopes next Friday from 9:00 am, in the presence of a notary.


At the beginning of this year, the Dominican Government also built a fence in the El Carrizal, Elías Piña community in the Elías Piña border province to try to make tax collection more efficient.
That decision generated a strong confrontation with shots and stones between Haitians and nationals in that area.

The Dominican military responded to an assault with stones launched by Haitian nationals. In fact, one Haitian was killed and another injured in the skirmish.

The investigation carried out by the national authorities showed that in the security perimeter established at the height of pyramid 181, where the perimeter fence of the new Customs facilities was built, a mob of Haitians protested and burned tires, to try to prevent the work.


Haiti is one of the main trading partners of the Dominican Republic. Between the two nations, a large land trade takes place every week in the provinces of Dajabón, Elías, and Pedernales.

It is estimated that trade between the two nations economic volume ranges from RD $ 60 to RD $ 70 million each week.

After the United States, despite socio-cultural and border conflicts, Haiti is the second main destination both in volume and in amount of national exports. In addition to informal markets, there is a large and important export and import business.

The two countries have years of commercial relations.

According to data published by the Dominican Association of Exporters on its website, exports to Haiti have shown steady growth in recent years, with an average rate of 20%, with main products: cotton fabrics, wheat flour, cookies, steel rods, cement, among others.

A note


Land trade provides greater ease to bilateral traders, however, there is no shortage of those who daily challenge the authorities to try to make a parallel business outside the established regulations.

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Dominican Republic

No DR authority has participated in El Abusador interrogation in Colombia




The Dominican authorities have not yet gone to Colombia to participate in the interrogations of César Emilio Peralta, aka César El Abusador, after his arrest last Monday, December 2, at the luxurious Murano Elite hotel, located in one of the most exclusive areas from Cartagena de Indias.

According to statements by the director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL of the National Police of Colombia, Fabio Hernán López Cruz, that body has not had contact with the Dominican authorities.

“So far we have not had these correlations, but I think they already have knowledge; possibly there have been telephone contacts,” said the officer.

With pleasure, he added, “we are available to make you talk with the authorities also of the Dominican Republic, as we are doing with international cooperation with Marshall of the United States.”

What the Colombian and Dominican authorities have said is that they participated together in the requirement for the arrest of the man designated by the United States as the “king of cocaine.”

The Peralta capture operation was led by the Marshall agents of the United States, who were stationed in Colombia. Since that time the US authorities have been conducting interrogations of “The Abuser.”

He is currently being held at the La Picota New Penitentiary Central Penitentiary Complex, located on Avenida Calle 51 Sur, Bogotá, Colombia. In this jail, there are more than three thousand people.

Fabio Hernán López Cruz revealed this information through an interview with journalist Carol Fior Daliza Pérez, through a live broadcast on the social network Facebook.

Similarly, the director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL of the National Police of Colombia indicated that Peralta’s extradition request is pending.

Collaboration between Colombia and the US

López Cruz points out that both the United States and Colombia are collaborating, together, in the exchange of information and research, but so far no formal request for extradition has been made by the United States.

And he added that the process may take a few days, so there is no exact date when the transfer will take place.

“The United States makes the request to Colombia to respond, and may possibly last five days, ten days, according to the procedure that the United States conducts with Colombia,” he said.

López Cruz said that the Colombian authorities have opened an investigation concerning the attack that Peralta was subjected to in November, in Barranquilla, when he was being transported in a Ford Explorer, and two people who attempted to attack him were injured. One of them moved to a health center, where he was captured.

In addition to this investigation, the Colombian authorities inquire about Peralta’s actions in the world of drug trafficking in that country.

César El Abusador has been linked to a network of sexual exploitation based in Colombia, so, according to the authorities of that country to LISTÍN DIARIO, they could accuse him of this crime.

With the family

The director of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation and INTERPOL of the National Police of Colombia reported that “El Abusador” talked with his family and his lawyer in the Dominican Republic. “We have no one with whom he spoke, but he is entitled to his call; He contacted his family and his trusted lawyer for the rigorous procedure that is prosecuted when a person is captured,” López said.

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Dominican Republic

Cloudy skies and scattered showers for this Saturday in various regions of the country





SANTO DOMINGO.- Cloudy skies and scattered rains will continue to occur this Saturday, caused by a remnant of a frontal system that will affect the North, Northeast, Central mountain range, border area, and Great Santo Domingo regions, according to the forecast of the National Meteorological Office (ONAMET).

In the same forecast, it is indicated that by Sunday the effects of the east/northeast wind together with the humidity that a weak trough brings to the northeast of the country, will cause some scattered rains in the afternoon towards the northeast, southeast, and Central mountain regions. In other provinces, there will be little rainfall.

The temperatures will feel pleasant especially, during the night, early morning and until the first hours of the morning, due to the east/northeast wind and the time of the year, being more pleasant in the mountainous areas and valleys. It’ll be slightly cooler in urban areas.

The National District will be partly cloudy this Saturday, with scattered showers. Santo Domingo North will experience occasional clouds and scattered showers.

Santo Domingo West will be cloudy with scattered showers. Santo Domingo East will also see partly cloudy with scattered showers.

While the temperatures in Greater Santo Domingo will reach a maximum between 29ºC and 31ºC (84-88°F) and minimum between 18ºC and 20ºC (64-68°F).

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