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Health officials address Corona Virus concerns; outlines measures to ensure safety



Dr. Mcintyre (centre) addresses the media at today’s press conference

In an effort to alleviate stress, anxiety and tension among the Dominican public, the Ministry of Health say measures are in place to ensure safety and protection from the deadly Coronavirus.

Health Minister Dr. Irving McIntyre told a press conference on Wednesday that based on the World Health Organization (WHO) calculation, the risk of the virus is at medium to low for the Caribbean region.

 “We have things under control,” Dr. McInyre said.

He said already, an initial alert was sent to the hospital and district staff on January 10th prior to the human-to human transmission of occurrence.

 “So, it gives you an idea that the Ministry of Health has been on top of this game for a while now…”, he said.

There is also ongoing training to provide updated and standard case definitions to all relevant stakeholders.

Also, in place is the development and dissemination of reporting tools to healthcare providers during the preparation phase, including the development of a database.

Dr. McIntyre said further that active surveillance will be conducted at the health facilities and at various points of entry.

“All district medical officers are alerted of the situation, secondly ambulance and immigration officers will be alerted through the International Health Regulation Steering Committee.

A meeting is also scheduled for January 30th where health officials will discuss the implementation of routine measures, such as placement of trained staff at the various ports of entry.

He further explained that before anyone is to arrive at Dominica’s ports of entry, “through technology we actually know where they are coming from.”

“If they are coming from China, we have that in advance, so we can actually be waiting for these people and if any symptoms we take the necessary actions,” he said.

In terms of case Management which forms part of the Health Ministry’s plan, Dr. McIntyre indicated that there will be retraining of healthcare staff on severe acute respiratory illness, case management.

“Selected nurses and Doctors…a review of Intensive Care Unit capacity to facilitate the isolation of persons if need be…” he added.

He said the fourth aspect of the Health Ministry’s plan is the sample submissions.

“Specimens to be collected from symptomatic patients,” he revealed.

Dr. McIntrye said the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency CARPHA will be assisting the Ministry of Health to getting such samples to the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, “since in the Caribbean we do not have the capability of getting laboratory tests done for this coronavirus”

Additionally, arrangements have been made with both CARPHA and PAHO to assist us in getting samples to the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta.

He said the fifth aspect of the Ministry of Health plan is infection control.

“Applications of standard precautions for all patients, that is hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment according to risk assessment, both N95 and surgical masks can be utilized,” he stated.

The six aspect of the Ministry of Health’s plan is risk communication and health promotional interventions.

Dr. McIntyre explained that the goal of risk communication is to ensure a timely and efficient flow of accurate and consistent information during all phases of emergency or risk.

At least 132 people are dead and more than 6,000 cases have been confirmed in mainland China, as the Wuhan coronavirus spreads across Asia and the rest of the world.

Imported cases have been reported by other countries including Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea and the United States of America (Washington).

The symptoms maybe that of the flu and include runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever.

Some cases develop into a pneumonia of severe acute respiratory infections.

At this time, it’s unclear how easily or sustainably this virus is spreading between people.

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Dominican actress shines in the US




Dominican actress shines in the USAnother daughter of the soil has made her country proud in a field that few Dominicans pursue. Disnie Sebastien, fondly known as Myan to family and friends in Dominica, is the daughter of Riviere Sebastien and Annette Austrie and resided…

The post Dominican actress shines in the US appeared first on Dominica News Online.

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Deniscia Laurent wins Ms DSC Jamboree; Sheldon Piper is DSC top male model




Deniscia Laurent, Law Enforcement Major has captured the title of Miss Mas Jamboree 2020 whilst NarZym Sheldon Piper an Entrepreneurship Major emerged winner of the Mr. DSC Modeling Competition.

The Miss Mas Jamboree Pageant was held on Tuesday February 18th 2020 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium Forecourt.

The 2nd Runner Up went to Kayjah Charles and 1st Runner up went to Dainisha Eusebe.

Carsim Brimingham emerged 1st Runner up of the Mr. DSC Modeling Competition.

The Result of the Pageant is as follows:

Miss Photogenic – Dainisha Eusebe

Miss Amity – Aaliyah Alexander

People’s Choice – Kayjah Charles

Best in Runway – Dainisha Eusebe

Best Talent – Dainisha Eusebe

Best in Evening Wear – Dainisha Eusebe

Best Evening Wear – Deniscia Laurent

Best in Swimwear – Dainisha Eusebe

Best Thematic Wear – Kayjah Charles

Best Response to Question – Kayjah Charles

Meantime, Mr. DSC Modeling Competition was a new addition to the pageant where four young men participated.

Director of Students Activities at the DSC, Trudy Christian said that “the male aspect of the show was included to encourage more guys to come out to Mas Jamboree”.

Christian said that pageantry is mainly viewed as a female event.  However, they wanted participation from the entire student body.

“We wanted to really have participation from the whole student body, I think the male competition did exactly what we intended it to do it brought out a bigger crowd to Mas Jamboree 2020” she said.

Furthermore, Christian said that the pageant continues to make a significant contribution to Dominica’s carnival.

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DMA official sees potential for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Dominica




Dr. Gail Defoe (left) with other DMA officials

Executive Member of the Dominica Manufacturer’s Association (DMA), Dr. Gail Defoe, has highlighted the need for consideration to be given to the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in Dominica in light of the significant challenge that viruses and bacteria now present to the world.

“The single biggest challenge in the world and our future would be viruses and bacteria,” Dr. Defoe said at DMA-organized press conference on Tuesday. “We have diseases far worse than the coronavirus…”

“What does that mean to manufacturers? And what does that mean for our countries?” Defoe asked about the coronavirus, which, over the past two and a half months, has killed hundreds of people, particularly in China, the country where the virus is reported to have originated.

According to the latest reports, some 75,303 people have been infected, 2012 have died and 15,126 have recovered.

Dr. Defoe explained that at present, Japan’s economy is said to be going into a recession because all the tourists from America are no longer going to Japan.

“How do we as a small island state ensure that within our economy we have the resources to combat these disorders and diseases?” Defoe asked. “We can do that through research and through manufacturing.”

She continued, “So as we think about manufacturing we have to broaden our thinking on not only being able to manufacture sweets and candies but especially pharmaceuticals, which we are rich in.”

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