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DCOA to introduce health insurance pilot for senior citizens – Dominica News Online



DCOA president, Ophelia Marie (second from left) at DCOA news conference. Colin Bully (3rd from left) is sitting next to Ophelia 

President of the Dominica Council on Ageing (DCOA) Ophelia Olivaccé Marie has said that the council plans to create a pilot for a health insurance programme for senior citizens in Dominica.

Marie said at a recent DCOA press conference that the plan has already been endorsed by the council.

“The vibrant senior citizens are looking at a pilot for health insurance for seniors. It has already been endorsed by the council under the last President,” she said. “It is moving slowly but we are looking to link with partners locally and abroad to see if something can happen.”

Marie said further that there are challenges concerning abuse of the elderly on island and some are afraid to report it.

“Unfortunately, some of the seniors do not want to report on what is happening to them, because many times, the people who are being the abusers, are close people to them, family, those who are being paid to take care of them,” she explained. “Some of them get their hair pulled; some of them are told, ‘you are not going to watch Young and Useless today, forget about the programmes  you like’.”

According to her, some of the senior citizens are being asked to change their political preferences.

“They want to take them to the booth [polling booth] and when they don’t put the X where whoever brings them want, they are told that you are staying there; somebody will pick you up,” she stated.

Meantime, Supernumerary member of the DCOA, Colin Bully has identified loneliness as one the challenges faced by Dominica’s elderly and that, he said, has been a major concern.

“Their children – those who support them – are not doing a good job; they are abandoned sometimes…,” he remarked. Their biggest fear is that they do not have money to survive.”

Furthermore, he said there are a number of senior citizens in Dominica who own houses and land but they can’t go to the bank to get a loan, while the greatest fear of others he works with, he says, is having no money to be buried.

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Paul Baron suspended as National Youth Council President




Paul Baron (file photo)

Paul Baron has been suspended as president of the National Youth Council of Dominica (NYCD).

In a press release issued today, the NYCD states that the Council’s Executive has taken a decision to suspend Baron as its president with effect from the 15th of October, 2019.

In its release, the NYCD executive accuses Baron of engaging “in a series of actions and statements that we, the other
executive members have deemed unacceptable in this position[President of NYCD].”

The release goes on to state, “Since its inception in May of 2018, the new executive board has strived to be impactful, transparent and fully committed to the cause of developing the Dominican youth. However, several incidents have deemed us responsible for halting what can only be described as the tarnishing of the NYCD name and reputation.”

The NYCD executive cites, as the basis for its decision, Article 8, section 10, of the NYCD Constitution which reads: “The National Executive shall have the power to suspend a member of any Committee pending the calling of a General Assembly to resolve the matter provided that two thirds (2/3) of the total membership of the National Executive are in favor of such suspension.”

According to the release, seven of the current eight-member executive voted to suspend Baron.

It states that on the 15th of October 2019 Paul Baron was informed that he should desist from any action that constitutes him representing the National Youth Council as President until the next General Assembly.

“Hence, any public speech or statement made by Paul Baron is not to be associated with the National Youth Council of Dominica or on the behalf of the council,” the release states. “He is also not permitted to act as the NYCD’s representative in any capacity.”

Earlier this year, Chief Youth Development Officer, John Roach called on Baron to do “the honourable thing and resign” if he could not adhere to the NYC Code of Conduct.

Roach commented after a former executive member of the NYCD, Stephenson “Jeff” Bellot demanded that Baron’s resign because of his public endorsement of Cozier Frederick, the Dominica Labour Party candidate for the Salybia Constituency.

Bellot accused Baron of violating the NYCD constitution, a point supported by Roach based on Section 3, Article VIII (Code of Conduct) of the NYC constitution which addresses the issue of political expression and affiliation by Executive members.

This section acknowledges that an Executive member is free to his independent political affiliation and is free to attend any political gathering. However, it also clearly states, “No member of the National Executive shall demonstrate openly in public forum, media appearance, political platform, or at such public events, show his partnership to any political party as this may have the potential to undermine the integrity and independence of the NYC.”

Baron’s suspension will remain in effect until the NYCD’s next general assembly which is due to be held in April next year.

An NYCD executive member told DNO that while Baron will be eligible to run again at the next general assembly, she believes that is unlikely to happen.

First Vice President of the Council, Kerdisha St.Louis, has assumed the responsibilities.

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ELECTION: No competition in my constituency says Skerrit




Skerrit speaking at a DLP campaign event

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has said that this is the easiest election for Dominicans to decide which party comes into power.

In an interview with the State-Owned DBS Radio, Skerrit stated that if any citizen loves Dominica, they will vote for the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) as his team has outlined its vision and plans for the country.

The prime minister will be going up against the new United Workers Party (UWP) Candidate for Vielle Case, CLement Marcellin and as far as Skerrit is concerned, Marcellin poses no threat to him.

“The people know who has been with them for the last 20 years especially in difficult times; they have known where the constituency was when I became the member of parliament in 2000. From a national standpoint, we have absolutely no doubt that labour is going to return victorious,” he maintains.

Skerrit added that what the DLP has done for Dominica, especially after Hurricane Maria, has been exceptional and believes a vast majority of Dominicans have recognized that DLP is the party for the future.

He said the opposition is about destruction and violence and has no vision for Dominica.

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DEAR BELLA: I’m interested in my girlfriend’s mother





I honestly think that young women should stop making babies early. I am a 34-year-old man and found myself in a predicament where I think I like my girlfriend’s mom.

Well, she has never showed any interest in me but she treats me with respect whenever I come over to see her daughter. However, these days I find myself thinking about my mother in law a lot. She looks really good for her age.

She had her first child (my girlfriend) when she was maybe 18 or so. It is like the lady never aged. She sometimes even looks better than her daughter.

Anyway, long and short Bella, I find myself coming to their house just to see the mother and not really because of my girlfriend.

Am I a bad person? How do I get the lady out of my head? Do I even love her daughter if I feel this way? I am so confused. Help me figure this out.

Sad Fella

Hello Sad Fella,

You can either get over it or say goodbye to your girlfriend. Fantasies are one thing but you shouldn’t let a little fantasy intrude in your reality.

Spend some time considering why you would have such grand feelings for your girlfriends’ mother.

From what you’ve said, I think you know that the mom is never going to be interested in her daughter’s boyfriend.

If you still do enjoy your girlfriend’s company and you still have feelings for her, you’re just going to have to learn to focus on her and not her mom.

Be a good guy. Move on.


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