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COMMENTARY: The power of the people is stronger than the people in power!



Gabriel Christian

To our beloved Dominican nation at home and abroad:

At this time all decent and honest Dominicans must make a choice to support the call for peaceful civil disobedience in the cause of justice on Dominica. I support such a call.

The question of the hour: Do you stand for the freedom and prosperity of the Dominican people or do you stand for tyranny, lawlessness, and thievery?

 All honest and right-thinking people of goodwill must stand decisively for rule of law, freedom, and democracy on Dominica.

We are at the 11th hour for democracy on Dominica. Why? In a startling turn of events, just last week the ruling regime has rejected the recommendations of Caricom, the OAS and the Commonwealth to ensure electoral reform.

This OAS, Caricom and Commonwealth mission was invited into Dominica. They met with the government, opposition and civil society. They made their recommendations in a sober and balanced fashion without fear or favor.

The report of the OAS, Caricom and Commonwealth mission was not paid for either by the opposition or some hired accounting firm as we have seen in some reports of dubious value in recent times.

The attorney general of the regime, Levi Peter, is reported to have said that the recommendations of the Caricom, OAS, and Commonwealth were unacceptable.

Why should the regime fear electoral reform?

The masses of our freedom-loving people and our allies at home and abroad must pressure the regime to do what is right and just.

The regime must ensure electoral reform on Dominica.

If the regime denies electoral reform as sought by the law-abiding and freedom-loving  international community then this regime will be held accountable for any disorder, loss of life or bloodshed that erupts from their failure to adhere to the internationally accepted customs and practice of democracy that our Negre Maron freedom fighters, our Kalinago warriors and our other ancestors such as Pierre Colaire of Laplaine gave their lives for.

We want peaceful protest and we demand change now. We are peacemakers. We have served the best plans and projects of all past and current governments on Dominica. We defended and aided Prime Minister Skerrit in all the good he did or sought to do. When disaster struck Dominica over the years we spared no effort to aid our kith and kin. When some people condemned us  as Labourites we had no shame in defending the noble legacy of the Dominica Labour Party that brought the masses into parliament and worked for social justice. We have worked tirelessly and relentlessly for Dominica all our lives. We are political tribalist or aimless partisans who blind ourselves to the truth. We shall never engage the selfish behavior of some shall eat all instead of all shall eat.

Those of us at home and abroad who associated with the Dominica Academy of Arts & Sciences or Rebuild Dominica have never been anti-government or anti-Dominica. Indeed, we are pro Dominica patriots who want to see a free, prosperous and law-abiding nation. We sought to gather all our human resources, our true wealth, in a noble endeavor to build the common wealth not wealth for some. We are non-partisan and not members of the United Workers Party – though many of us do support Team Dominica as a platform to unite all Dominicans – regardless of party affiliation – in honest development endeavor.

We are not political tricksters, acrobats or talkers. We are honest development workers and educators who want better for every Dominican man, woman, and child wherever located.

We are not the ones who brought our state into the company of foreign diplomats representing our beloved nation who were  mafia elements, money launderers, the arrested Nigerian Allison Madueke that nation’s Minister of Oil who stole 20 billion, Ng Lap Seng arrested in New York by the FBI and convicted for bribery of United Nations official  and the Iranian swindler Alireza Monfared arrested by Interpol who stole 2 billion. These criminals were not appointed by true Dominican patriots who love and care about Dominica. Yet they were representing Dominicans overseas. Why?

Today when patriotic  Dominicans speak out they are hounded, disparaged, abused and arrested.

We will not allow for the continued abuse, arrest on bogus charges and intimidation of our people by the regime.

This is a time for men and women of courage to stand for Dominica. This is not a time for serfs, slaves or those given to the siren song of comfort, treasure, and plunder offered by the new massa government that has trampled democracy on Dominica.

It was indeed the real labour party heroes of yesterday who confronted racial and class oppression to state loudly: Massa Day Done!

Today this masquerade band fronting as Dominica Labour Party has resurrected racial and class prejudice in Dominica from the tomb.

They have excavated the hateful and spiteful monster of racism and class oppression from its tomb and are hounding and oppressing the children of poor black and Kalinago people simply because they speak out against injustice.

The real labour party fought hard to bury forever that monster of racial and class prejudice which oppressed our poor black and Kalinago people.

Today our poor black and Kalinago people witness the abuse and stealing of our resources.

This fake labour party has placed foreigners over Dominicans in all important matters of state and economic development.

Our builders and contractors are sidelined in favor of foreign interests. Our builders, engineers, and contractors have complained of such anti-national bias and violations of procurement practices to no avail. Meanwhile, Hempstead Bridge collapsed last week though skilled local contractors/engineers could have addressed that problem before it was too late.

The regime has reserved power for a new class of wealthy cronies, friends, family members and foreign puppet masters – some of whom have been arrested for money laundering in recent years.

They have left crumbs for Dominicans while our economy molders in the grave.

 We are treated like foreigners in our own land. Foreigners are plundering our impoverished country which is dead last in the OECS in way of economic development.

Our people have to run to Antigua, St Kitts, or St Martin to make a living. Before people from those islands came to Dominica to make a living.

With all of that must we keep quiet?   No!

This is no time to hide in the bushes and show fear before the cowards who rule!

This  Dominica Government and all those who come after it must know they are our servants, not our masters!

This government is duty-bound to account to Dominicans for the monies earned and not send its foul mouth and oppressive henchmen to disparage Dominicans as cockroaches.

The regime must not be allowed to arrest and destroy patriotic Dominicans when they speak out.

We honor and love our sincere and honest police officers who serve in the best traditions of the police service to the nation.

We shall protect our police brothers and sisters who do their duty and no one must touch a hair on their heads.

However, we ask all policemen to act with honor and serve and protect the citizens. Do not serve anyone whose duty is to foreign masters and a money laundering mafia who are being caught red-handed one by one.

There is no future for those who support a lawless regime. Caricom, the Organization of American States and the Commonwealth stand for democracy and rule of law on Dominica. No agent of the regime will escape the reach of international justice. You are being watched.

 Every day the news is clear that a foreign-run mafia has used and abused the passport program for their greedy ends and not national development.

 They have left a few crumbs for our people and believe that such crumbs should purchase our silence while they lie and abuse our intelligence as a nation.

The police must remember they are servants of the people of Dominica not servants or puppets of the Prime Minister, hoodlums, gang bangers and his foreign backers.

We shall alert the international community where any police officer or unit in the Dominica Police Service make the mistake and use lethal force on Dominicans. They shall not escape justice. And justice is on the way.

We respectfully warn the police again that they will regret it if they oppress the people of Dominica and act as the Haitian Tonton Macoute did back in the days of Papa Doc and Baby Doc.

Look at poor Haiti today Brothers and Sisters. Papa Doc and Baby Doc destroyed Haiti and Haitians had to run away from that country.   They are running all the way to Dominica to escape the raging fires of poverty after almost 50 years of tyranny in that Caribbean land.

We do not want to see the crimes visited on Haiti to be visited on Dominica.

We want liberty, prosperity, and democracy on Dominica and we want it now!

 We do not want any Papa Doc, Baby Doc or Doctor Doctor tyranny to destroy Dominica.

We want all true and honest labourites who believe in the legacy of Edward Oliver LeBlanc, Rosie Douglas and Pierre Charles to immediately disassociate yourselves from a regime that has misused its power and associated with foreign agents now under arrest for money laundering.

The regime has hidden things from you.

The regime has not been accountable to you, the citizens of Dominica.

The writing is on the wall my fellow Dominicans!  Dominicans you must not allow yourself to be fooled by blowing horns, lighting candle, participating in carnival out of season and the circus into which they seek to bamboozle you with loud music and high-priced foreign entertainers.

Cast off the spell of idol worship my beloved Dominican people.

Take out the lagley or night wax from your eyes my dear people.

This Sunday September 29, 2019, banish the ghosts of mamaguy, monkey tricks, bribery by galvanize and foolishness from the idle politicians who have failed you and misled you.

Condemn and cast away the politicians drunk on power who demand that you must come to their office, to kneel down, cry for them, beg them so you can get a house. You are no longer slaves. Do not allow yourselves to be a slave to any party or politician.

Dominicans, kneel only to God not man.

Cast out the spell from your heads and hearts of those who mock God and make you believe they truly love God and must rule forever.

God is not mocked. God did not walk around Jerusalem anointing people with coolout money. Nor did he go on a stage, with a redshirt painted with the horns of a goat, worshipping false gods and prophets while adorned in in Gucci clothing. Liberate yourselves from mental slavery and tomfoolery my people.

How can you say you love God but spend your time chasing after women and money instead of building the country?

Dominicans today, Sunday, take a deep breath and exhale the fumes of idol worship. Your salvation is in God not man.

Dominicans, we are a deeply spiritual people. Have you not seen the signs? Do not blind your eyes to the true state of our country not let your ears to be blocked to truth.

Do not harden your hearts.

Dominicans, patriots, you must never ever put party before country.

Dominicans, patriots, you must never ever put any man or woman before God.

You cannot continue to play God by saying one thing in the a.m. and doing another thing in the p.m. What is in the dark will come to light, trust me.

Let us never forget that God runs things in Dominica.

And those who mock God ruin things on Dominica.

So verily I say unto you –

Dominicans our voices must be heard and our actions must be clear! We must save the nation from the lawlessness and oppression now decimating the best hopes of those who engaged in the independence movement.

Emmanuel Loblack fought against Massa society. He would not want tyranny on Dominica!

Phyllis Shand Allfrey fought against racial and class prejudice. She would not want an end to democracy on Dominica.

Edward Oliver LeBlanc fought for the poor and defenseless. He brought the masses into power and prosperity. He is turning in his grave to see the disgrace that they have made of the Dominica Labour Party.

Rosie Douglas and Pierre Charles struggled for independence to bring freedom and democracy. They were not the puppets or associates of money launderers. No one had to ask them about missing money. No one had to ask them – “whey di money gone?”

Eugenia Charles was never asked to account for money in overseas bank accounts. She left office with her head held high. She left a decent health care system and Dominica born doctors could work in our hospital.

Today they prevent Dr. Sam Christian,  Dr. Irving Pascal, Dr. Dale Dangleben and Dr. Hazel Shillingford from working in our hospital.  Dominicans have died because they have prevented trained Dominicans from using the hospital. How cruel. How unkind. How callous.

Eugenia Charles or  “Mamo” is turning in her grave today to see how low we have come. Where is the decency of those members or former members of the Dominica Freedom Party who now stand for such injustice?

The reputation of our once fair country is in the gutter because of so many arrested money laundering mafias were found to be Dominica diplomats. None of the mafia diplomats were born Dominicans. Shame!

And some of you still have the audacity to cover up such crimes against our nation and the good name of our Dominica people.

Why is Paolo Zampoli a Dominica ambassador? Where is he from? What has he done to build up Dominica?

In an ironic twist of fate, it was Zampoli, in his legal action taken in New York City who brought to the court’s attention what we long suspected that tens of millions of dollars of Dominica passport money are hidden in offshore accounts.  Zampoli is concerned that such monies may disappear and he may not get his share. If Zampoli is willing to go to such lengths to get what is really Dominica’s money, then what are we the real Dominican people doing to claim what is ours?

Anyway, what exactly qualified Zampoli to serve as an ambassador when we have thousands of decent and qualified Dominicans at home and abroad who could serve?

But no! The regime does not care to associate with decent and law-abiding Dominicans. Look at the choices they have consistently made to represent our beautiful nation before the entire world.

Chinese – Ng Lap Seng – arrested by the FBI in New York. Convicted and jailed. A criminal. A Dominica diplomat.

Nigerian – Former Minister of Oil Allison Madueke – arrested by Scotland Yard. The biggest thief and money launderer in the history of Nigeria. She stole 20 billion at last count. A criminal. A Dominica diplomat.

Iranian – Alireza Monfared – the architect of the biggest swindle in Iranian history. Arrested by Interpol. Jailed in Iran and awaiting trial.  A criminal. A Dominica diplomat.

Why? Why? Why? Shame! Shame! Shame!

Why did the regime appoint these people as diplomats?

There may be other diplomats in secret.

We do not know who all our diplomats are because the regime works in the shadows; the dark; the p.m. not the a.m. so we do not know who else holds Dominica diplomatic passports.

Doctor Skerrit tell us now who else hold Dominica diplomatic passports? Do it for your integrity. Do it for your country. Do your duty to history my brother and give the citizens of Dominica all the names; give us a full accounting now.

Prime Minister Skerrit we worked with you and never betrayed you in the good you did. We stood with you at all hazards when you were right and now we must part with you because you are wrong in how you are ruining things on Dominica. Act soberly and listen to us carefully.

Truly, we are grateful for the good you did and we are not your enemies. When my brother Dr.  Sam Christian was gravely injured in the 2018 motor vehicle accident we spoke and so thanked you then as I thanked my Brother Cecil Joseph for the assistance given. The assistance was given to a worthy Dominican citizen as should be given to all Dominicans. Do not misjudge our publicly stated gratitude for assistance so rendered as acceptance of any wrongdoing.

If today, you ask me for a glass of water to quench your thirst I would never deny you that. If someone dared to harm a hair on your head that I would act to stop that. But do not believe our peaceful disposition to be a license for lawlessness in governance or that we condone injustice.

We are a loving and charitable people who will never be reproachful or ungrateful. But our parents taught us right is right and wrong is wrong.

Mr. Prime Minister, Doctor Skerrit, you are on the wrong path. No political campaign rally of horn blowing band mauvay masqueraders,  clad in red and cracking whips in our beloved stronghold of Brother Pierre “Pierro” Charles in Grandbay will serve to cover-up misdeeds.  We must never mislead the masses with circuses and horn blowing out-of-season carnivals. Such is a rebuke to our intelligence as a people.

Indeed, we are your best friends because we have always fought for what is best for our Dominica. Deep in your heart, you know that imperishable truth. You know that you have not been forthright about matters of state. Admit it.

Cast-away those who surround you with flattery and gifts. By their actions, they shall bury you and tarnish your legacy. Listen before it is too late. Do not try to hang on to power at all costs my brother.

Here is another one for you Prime Minister Skerrit: Is Paolo Zampolii really an ambassador for Dominica?

How can Dominica ambassador Zampoli be suing for his share of passport sales money supposedly raised for the development of Dominica?

Is this how low we have sunk? An ambassador suing for his share of passport money? Is this how low our conduct of state affairs have sunk?

Is Paolo Zampoli still a Dominica diplomat? We demand an answer Prime Minister Skerrit.

Who will stand for Dominica under the oppression of this lawless and corrupt conduct? Are Dominicans still in charge of Dominica?

Or has our independence been hijacked by those intent on plunder and personal gain at all costs? That is the question of the hour!

 We demand change for the better!  We demand to know about the alleged missing 1.2 billion dollars and other monies from passport sales hidden in banks in Switzerland or other tax havens.

To ensure free and fair elections on Dominica we demand the immediate implementation of the recommendations made by the Caricom, OAS and Commonwealth mission.

We demand electoral reform! And we want it now.

Dominicans, if we do not act now to arrest the rot in our nation when will we ever learn that a stitch in time saves nine?

Dominicans never forget we have a noble and heroic legacy in the cause of liberty.

Dominicans, harken to the call and demand justice by peacefully standing strong in civil disobedience until justice is done!

Dominicans, remember that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.

Massa day done!

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Savahnn James is Miss Dominica 2020




James is crowned by Miss Dominica 2019, Marisol John

Dominica has a new Carnival Queen. She is 20-year-old Savahnn James who beat six other contestants to clinch the title at the Miss Dominica 2020 pageant which was held last night.

James won the awards for Best Talent and Best Response to Question on her way to the crown.

Shannon Connor St Hilaire secured the 2nd runner-up spot. She won the awards for Miss Photogenic, Best Costume, Best in Costume, and Best Evening Wear

The first runner-up position went to Primrose Angel David. She won the awards for Best Swimwear, Best in Swimwear and Best in Evening Wear.

Melanie Charles took the award for Miss Amity.

The other contestants were Kadisha Joseph of Fond Cole, Kimra Charles also representing Fond Cole and Elnarrah Emmanuel representing Kingshill and Grandbay.

The pageant took place at Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

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Skerrit – Caricom support ‘overwhelming’ for Baroness Scotland




Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit – File Photo

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said heads of government of CARICOM have expressed their “overwhelming” support for the renewal of the term of office for Secretary General Baroness Scotland.

Scotland, a Dominican by birth is under pressure from the international community to resign from her position of Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

But Skerrit who spoke on the sidelines of the Thirty-First Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Bridgetown, said the grouping is standing behind Scotland.

He said at the meeting, heads of governments also expressed their gratitude for her achievement during her tenure.

“Heads of governments expressed our gratitude for the range of activities undertaken by the Commonwealth Secretariat whose added value redounded to the benefit of small island and low lying coastal developing states,” he said.

According to Skerrit who has been one of Scotland’s main supporters, the heads of government also expressed support for the renewal of the term of office of the secretary general.

“We do hope that when we meet in Rwanda, the current holder of the post of secretary general will receive a second term in that very important office,” he said.

Skerrit said heads of CARICOM also engaged Scotland “directly and frankly” on the issues leveled against her in the media.

But he said CARICOM remained satisfied and accepted the responses given by her as “legitimate”.

The questions about Scotland’s future leadership of the Commonwealth came after she was criticized by internal auditors last November for awarding a lucrative consultancy contract to a company run by her friend.

The audit committee report also found that the Secretariat had no register of either tender waivers or conflicts of interest and was unable to explain why not.

That committee also identified 50 occasions between July 2015 and June 2018 when the usual procurement tenders had been waited by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Baroness Scotland has always denied any wrongdoing

Scotland’s four-year term of office as secretary general comes to an end next month.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be backing moves to persuade Amina Mohamed, a 58-year-old Kenyan politician, to challenge Baroness Scotland if she refuses to stand down.

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