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Arrest Warrant Issued for US Investment Banker Charged with Manslaughter in Anguilla



Scott Hapgood is refusing to return to Anguilla on the manslaughter charge.

THE VALLEY, Anguilla, Wednesday November 13, 2019 – An international arrest warrant has been issued for an American banker who, claiming that he fears for his safety because of public outcry, has refused to return to Anguilla to face the court for killing a hotel worker.

Anguilla’s Attorney General Dwight Horsford said 44-year-old Scott
Hapgood is now considered a fugitive and faces extradition to the small British
Overseas Territory to face the court.

The UBS investment banker is facing a manslaughter charge, accused of killing 27-year-old employee of the luxury Malliouhana Hotel, Kenny Mitchel, during a confrontation while on a family vacation in April this year.

Kenny Mitchel

He was to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Monday, but
Horsford said Hapgood’s defence team had notified local officials the night
before that they had advised their client to not return.

“The letter further stated that this advice rested on concerns for their
client’s safety and the fairness of the judicial process in Anguilla,” Horsford
said in a statement released yesterday. “Both concerns are totally groundless.”

Governor Tim Foy, in a separate statement, insisted that the island was
committed to fairness in the judicial process.

“He has no reason to doubt the fairness of the judicial process. The
rule of law and respect for it are paramount in this territory, as in all
constituent jurisdictions of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court,” Foy

“Throughout this process, we have kept a respectful silence to
enable the court to go about its business — this is how we do things here. We
have not and will not engage in public relations shenanigans of the type we
have seen — that is not how we do things. Hapgood has the right to fair
judicial process and he will receive that.”

But US media has quoted Hapgood’s spokesman Jamie
Diaferia as saying that “it has become progressively apparent that Scott would not receive a fair trial
in Anguilla”.

That is a position the island’s magistrate has dismissed, describing Hapgood’s court absence on Monday as “willful defiance”.

The US banker claimed that during the
family vacation at the resort, a knife-wielding Mitchel entered the hotel room where he and his two
daughters were, and demanded money. A violent struggle ensued and Mitchel ended
up dead.

Hapgood was subsequently charged and remanded to prison, but was later released on $74,000 bail by the High Court. He has returned to Anguilla for court appearances on three occasions
since being charged.

Positional asphyxiation was initially given as the cause of death for Mitchel, but toxicology resultsit later showed that the hotel worker had high levels of cocaine and alcohol in his bloodstream.

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Werley Zeus: Haiti And African Countries Should Become One



The 26 years old, Werley Zeus is a musician, author, entrepreneur, and politician from Haiti. He owns a mass media company operating under the name of Ceraphin Corporation that owns different types of businesses including publishing companies and radio stations.

The 26 years old CEO believes that Haiti and African countries should unite together again and become partners because Haiti and African countries belong to black brothers and sisters.

“I think Haiti and African countries should unite together and become partners.”, said Werley Zeus.

Let’s not forget that Ceraphin Corporation’s Werley Zeus launched ‘Woy Africa! Network’ and ‘Afro! PopUp’ in Africa to serve the continent.

According to Werley, the brands named ‘Woy Africa! Network’ is a publishing magazine operating by Ceraphin Network and ‘Afro! PopUp’ is an internet radio station managed by Ceraphin Radio Network. The brands are operating in Africa and Werley thinks it makes for Haitians and Africans to work together because unity is power.

According to reports and studies, Haiti has been abused by the U.S. for years and years, so the time has come for Haiti to cut off every relationship with the U.S. to join Venezuela, Africa, Russia, and others in order to grow and prosper before 2045 arrives.

Werley Zeus hopes to become a leader in the upcoming Haitian Government that the Haitian population will install soon, so the plans will succeed. Hopefully, a new Haitian Government will take power in 2020 so the right leaders can lead Haiti in the right direction.

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Canadian Prime Minister Cancels Trip to Caribbean Amid Protests at Home




Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his hands full with an anti-pipeline protest at home.

OTTAWA, Canada, Monday February 17,
– Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau will not be meeting with Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders
this week after all, choosing to remain at home to deal with a protest that is shutting
down train service across the country.

Trudeau had
been scheduled to participate in the CARICOM 31st Intersessional Heads of
Government Conference in Barbados to further strengthen his government’s partnership
with the regional grouping and, according to media reports in Canada, make a pitch
for a United Nations Security Council seat.

However, a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday evening said he had cancelled the trip and Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne would represent Canada at the February 18-19 meeting instead.

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne will attend in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s place.

the government’s ongoing efforts to address infrastructure disruptions across
the country, the prime minister will convene the Incident Response Group
tomorrow to discuss steps forward,” the statement read.

“Our priority remains the safety and security of all Canadians and the swift resolution of this issue to restore service across the rail system in accordance with the law.”

opposed to the building of the Coastal GasLink pipeline project through the
Wet’suwet’en nation’s traditional territory in British Columbia have blockaded
rail lines in parts of the country. And Trudeau has been criticized for his
overseas travel while the situation remains unresolved.

He returned
to Canada last Friday after spending a week in Ethiopia, Kuwait, Senegal and

During his trip to Barbados, which was to begin today, he had been scheduled to discuss with the regional leaders, challenges of mutual interest, including protecting oceans and the environment in the fight against climate change in a region that is particularly vulnerable to its impacts, as well as creating good jobs for the middle class and sustainable economic growth. He was also to participate in group discussions and bilateral meetings with the CARICOM leaders.

A statement from the regional side stated that Trudeau, who had contacted CARICOM Chairman, Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley, and CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque about the cancellation due to the “pressing domestic matters”, said the Canadian Prime Minister reiterated his desire to strengthen ties between the region and Canada and looked forward to another opportunity to interact with the leaders.

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Haïti – Actualité : Zapping…




Haïti – Actualité : Zapping…
19/02/2020 11:02:05

Haïti - Actualité : Zapping...

Une patrouille de police prise pour cible :

Mardi matin à la rue des Casernes, des individus non identifiés à bord d’un véhicule sans plaque d’immatriculation ont ouvert le feu sur un véhicule de patrouille où se trouvait 4 policiers. Il y aurait un ou plusieurs policiers blessés selon une information policière non officielle.

L’opposition radicale veut nuire aux accords avec Taïwan :

L’opposition radicale regroupée dans le mouvement dit « Démocratique et Populaire » a demandé à l’Ambassadeur de Taïwan (République de Chine) Bang-Zyh Liu de ne rien engager avec le Gouvernement haïtien afin de ne pas compromettre, les futur relations diplomatiques entre les deux pays.

Un Inspecteur de police assassiné :

La Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) a confirmé l’assassinat de l’inspecteur Job Joseph Paraison, tué par balle par des individus non-identifiés dans la nuit du lundi 17 février 2020 sur la route des rails, non loin d’Arcachon 32, dans la Commune de Carrefour. Job Joseph Paraison était affecté à la Direction Administration Pénitentiaire.

Des algues brunes dans la Baie des Cayes :

Les sargasses (algues brunes de la famille des Sargassaceae) ont fait leur apparition dans la baie des Cayes. Ces algues nauséabondes lorsqu’elle entre en putréfaction sont un véritable fléau pour les plages des Antilles et des Caraïbes

DJ’s honoré à la Mairie de P-a-P :

La Mairie de Port-au-Prince a remis des plaques « Honneur et Mérite » aux DJ’s Fanfan, CashCash, Tonymix, Bmix, Valmix et Bullet pour leur engagement et leur contribution aux 4 années consécutives d’activités pré-carnavalesques réalisées sous l’administration du Maire Ralph Youri Chevry.

COVID-19 Bilan mondial 19 février :

Mercredi 19 février 2020, le nombre de personnes contaminées dans le monde par le Coronavirus COVID-19 (cas confirmés en laboratoire et clinique) s’élève à 75,201 une hausse de 1,865 (22%) par rapport à la veille ; 2,012 décès (+7.4%) soit 138 de plus que la veille (1,775) ; 15,023 personnes guéries soit 2,002 personnes (+15.4%) de plus par rapport à la veille ou 7.4 fois plus de guérison que de décès contre 6.9 fois la veille.

On recense à ce jour hors de Chine, 1,015 personnes contaminées confirmées dans le monde (+13%) soit 117 cas de plus.

Nombre de décès à l’étranger (5) : 1 au Philippine, 2 à Hong Kong, 1 au Japon , et 1 en France.

HL/ HaïtiLibre

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